Said Twahir

Said Twahir

I am passionate about climate change mitigation. I have personally seen the effects of floods and drought due to deforestation,
Mombasa, Kenya
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Kencoco Coconut briquettes

CEO @Kencoco Coconut briquettes • Co-Founder


Kencoco • Co-Founder

kencoco Ltd

CEO @kencoco Ltd • Co-Founder

Manufacture of clean energy charcoal briquettes from coconut waste

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Kencoco’s charcoal briquettes are smokeless and have long burning and heating capacity and are far cheaper than wood charcoal and fire wood. The coconut charcoal briquettes serve the community with clean energy and contribute to the eradication of deforestation. The product enable households achieve significant advantages such as access to clean energy which provide long lasting heat, are odourless, smokeless and have high heat combustion capabilities. In return, use of coconut briquettes, reduce cutting down of trees, improve health due to smokeless burning and offers waste management solutions by collecting and using coconut shells and husks as raw materials. Women are key players in the entire value chain from sourcing raw materials, to production process and retailing of the final product.