Samantha Zirkin

Samantha Zirkin

Goal: create a platform that allows retailers to partner with their customers to drive social impact.
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New York City, US
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Point 93

CEO @Point 93 • Co-Founder

Point 93 offers dynamic pricing and data exchange for the retail industry.

Point 93 -

CEO @Point 93 - • Co-Founder

Point 93 is a dynamic pricing solution for the retail industry

Amazing things Samantha's made
Where there is inefficiency and waste, there is usually opportunity to make a positive social impact. In 2001, I lived in Harlem and saw a neighbor struggle to afford a wheelchair. It wasn't covered by Medicaid because of an awful loophole: the "in-the-home-restriction," which stated that people who can get around the house without help, don't need a wheelchair. Luckily, I found a discarded wheelchair. At the time, there was no way to recycle durable medical equipment. I founded “Everyone's Closet,” a non-profit that provided durable medical equipment to New Yorkers who would have experienced financial hardship obtaining the equipment on their own. I rented U-Hauls, collected used medical equipment and redistributed it to people in need. My apartment was filled with wheelchairs and hospital beds. One of the most amazing things about the non-profit was that it allowed the community to help itself. Our donors and recipients were often neighbors and just needed our platform to connect.