Samuel Anyaele

Samuel Anyaele

Samuel Anyaele is a web app developer passionate about the merging of technology and sectors like education, health, and business in Africa
Front End Dev • General Business
Lagos, Nigeria
  • Business Management
  • HTML + CSS
  • Linux
  • Mobile Internet
  • PHP Applications
  • Web Applications
Otomatik Ventures

Software Application development, @Otomatik Ventures • Co-Founder

Otomatik is an African based software/hardware EduTech company

Amazing things Samuel's made
We are building and deploying Portable, non-Internet, Wireless Servers called Otomatik Servers, which are used to carry and distribute content to Mobile Users without Internet connectivity, in both Urban and Remote locations.

Prepackaged Servers are Otomatik Servers preloaded with curated content from the Internet and other sources. Content carried on each Server varies, and includes Educational, Health content, or SME Content.

We also work with content creators to carry and distribute their contents on our Servers.

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Phina Ozor

I support his dreams and goals