Sanjay Agarwal

Sanjay Agarwal

20 years in building businesses and entrepreneurship. LinkLadder is third successful venture.
General Business
New Delhi, India
  • Team Leadership
Umbrella Infocare Pvt. Ltd.

Founder Director @Umbrella Infocare Pvt. Ltd. • Employee

Feb '13 - Present (8 years)


CFO @LinkLadder • Co-Founder

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Alok Vasant Director at Acupro Consulting recommended LinkLadder where Sanjay is Co-Founder

I know Sanjay Agarwal for many years as a consultant and I found him very particular about compliance. He is a smart decision maker in all aspects of business. He has vision and capability of building and running successful businesses. I liked their idea of LinkLadder mobile app. It effectively meets people's need of searching trusted people in their network and many more. All the best to the Linkladder team!

Nishant Sharma Director at Claritus Management Consulting Private Limted recommended LinkLadder where Sanjay is Co-Founder

I've a long association with Gurprit and Sanjay. Both of them are thorough professionals with brilliant understanding of customer's business needs and highest level of work ethics. Have always enjoyed working with both of them. I got introduced with Gary through them and found him very passionate about his business and vision. I think LinkLadder is an evolutionary idea. LinkLadder has potential to become the first resource everyone will refer for service references in the same way we turn to Flipkart or Snapdeal for any price check.

Vipul Kulshrestha Co Founder and Head Of India Operations at Optimus Information Inc. recommended LinkLadder where Sanjay is Co-Founder

My relationship with Sanjay and Gurprit goes back a long way. They are great professionals and I have always been impressed with their ability to handle various transactions in a timely and effective manner. I have experimented with LinkLadder and feel it a very good idea. I wish the LinkLadder team all the very best in taking their product to fruition.

Sunil Goyal Chief Operating Officer at Sopra India Pvt Ltd recommended LinkLadder where Sanjay is Co-Founder

LinkLadder is an excellent Mobile App, which truly creates "digital Yellow Pages" for the user. The user Interface is extremely intuitive and the app is very useful to get access to contacts in the contacts list of your Mobile network. It multiplies the reach of an user many folds in a short time. I am confident that the users will like the App and expect it to to exponentially grow in the near future.

Neeraj Dahiya recommended LinkLadder where Sanjay is Co-Founder

Simply outstanding ! what an idea sir ji !! A good idea and equally well executed as app. The best part is when you use this app and think of feature its there or just appear in next upgrade. Its looks like team is reading users mind. Well done Link-Ladder Team . I wish you success and many more achievements .

Pankaj Agarwal Founder & Managing Partner at Optimus Information Inc. recommended LinkLadder where Sanjay is Co-Founder

I have known and worked with Sanjay and Gurprit for more than 10 years. Phenomenal team of entrepreneurs. I have also see LinkLadder and looks like a great idea. More than idea, I think that they are a winning team of entrepreneurs.

nitin sawhney recommended LinkLadder where Sanjay is Co-Founder

Link Ladder is one of those simple yet brilliant ideas that have the potential to change the way we view social networks.

I have known Gary for a while now and i trust him to deliver a world class solution with this smart app.

Rich Foreman City of Folsom Utility Commissioner at City of Folsom recommended LinkLadder where Sanjay is Co-Founder

This recommendation is specifically for Gary Dalal. As CEO of Apptology, I've worked with Gary for 5 years. Gary currently serves as CTO for Apptology. He is one of the rare individuals that has both excellent communications skills and superior technical abilities. He is one of the main reasons that Apptology has been so successful. He is able to understand a technical situation, offer solutions, and instill confidence to our clients. In addition, he has a high level of integrity. With that he has my highest recommendation.