Saurav Mohanty

Saurav Mohanty

Hardware Engineer • General Business
Pune, India
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  • Medical Devices
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  • Power Distribution
Embryyo Technologies Private Limited

Embedded Systems Lead @Embryyo Technologies Private Limited • Employee

We invent, de-risk and commercialize medical devices.


Engineer @Philips1

Innovation. Design. Sustainability. Change

Jul '10 - Oct '17 (7 years 3 months)

Amazing things Saurav's made
I am currently building an embedded system around a proprietary microfluidic technology for extraction of plasma from whole blood. In addition to this, I am also leading the effort to characterize the technology for enrichment of various analytes of interest, with specific focus on bacterial enrichment and liquid biopsy.
IIT Bombay

IIT Bombay

MicroElectronics, Electrical Engineering 2005 - 2010


Jeff Champagne Board Member at MedTech Association recommended Embryyo Technologies Private Limited where Saurav is Employee

Nishant has my full support and recommendation as part of the Merck Accelerator program. He has figured out what most university tech transfers and large companies have struggled with for decades. Beyond his brilliant inventions, Nishant first started with an extensive list of unmet needs that he collected himself by speaking with a league of physicians and clinical support. He then creatively fashioned simple and cost effective solutions and is now being sought after for his ingenious cutting edge technologies. His on-chip cell separation technology is a great example but I’ve seen even more. He is an entrepreneur who has figured out the hard part. As a point of reference, I am on the screening committee for life sciences at the Boston Harbor Angels and I have seen it all. Nishant has the formula and now needs the polish and confidence, after which he’ll be unstoppable. I look forward to watching it unfold. It is without reservation that I recommend Nishant and his team Embryyo to you

Ajay Chamania CEO at Agiliad recommended Embryyo Technologies Private Limited where Saurav is Employee

I have known and mentored Nishant since 2013. In my career spanning three decades, leading the global business at Patni Computer Systems (now a part of Capgemini) I have seen the evolution of the global services industry and India’s leading stake in the game. Now as a natural progression, India is transitioning from a services economy to an inventions economy, and it would not be an overstatement to say that Nishant and his company Embryyo are some of the main drivers bringing about this change. Nishant and his team have a keen eye towards identifying gaps and needs in healthcare and an innate skill of producing inventive med-tech solutions at a very rapid rate, often starting with a product vision. With their indomitable spirit, passionate hard-work and fast-paced entrepreneurial thinking, I am confident that Team Embryyo is well-poised to make a dent in the global med-tech industry in the coming years. I would strongly recommend Embryyo for the upcoming accelerator program at Merck.