Instructions: Please fill out this application to be in consideration for bringing Startup Boost to your city. This application will help us assess both your readiness and your ecosystem’s readiness for launching a Startup Boost program. If you are having difficulties filling out any of these sections, feel free to message us. If you know your ecosystem well, this should not be too difficult. After filling it out to the best of your knowledge, we encourage you to run this by others who are going to be involved in the program as program leaders or mentors (running the program is not a solo effort and so we don’t expect this to be either). Lastly, for responses that have multiple items (example: multiple people), please separate each item with a semicolon.

Some quick definitions for clarity: Program Leaders are those involved in running and facilitating the program. This includes the co-Directors and those helping them. Co-Directors are two or more head program leaders who are taking full responsibility for running the program. We require every program to have at least two co-directors (for everyone’s sake). Program Manager - this role is usually someone who does helps manage the operations and makes sure everyone is doing their part. They are often eager and capable members of the team who might have the potential to be a future co-director. Program Associate - This role is usually someone who is junior and is eager to learn about and get involved in the startup community. No Title - Titles are not required and are used at your discretion. If someone is given no specific title, then they default to identifying as a Program Leader (everyone on the team is a program leader).

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