Sean Nolan

Sean Nolan

Co-Founder of Passionate about design and communication.
General Business • Sales/Bus Dev
London, UK
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Hiring
  • Messaging
  • Project Delivery
  • Sales Growth
  • Security
  • Start-ups
Blink - The Employee App

Blink - The Employee App • Co-Founder • Co-Founder

New enterprise messaging application, enabling productive conversations

Hiroki Takeuchi recommended where Sean is Co-Founder
Co-Founder, GoCardless

Kit worked with us at GoCardless for the last year and a half. He did a great job of building out our customer support function from basically nothing. Whilst working with us, he demonstrated determination, pragmatism, passion, and most importantly the ability to get things done.

I'm confident that Kit will do a great job of anything that he puts his mind to, and I'm excited to see what he and the rest of the team come up with.

Aaron Ross recommended where Sean is Co-Founder

The team have been sharing an office with us for the past 6 months. We love what they’re doing, their product is original and solves a real issue. They are an energetic, pragmatic and determined team, who’ve been a great addition to the office. We’ve been excited to have input in to the product development, and see progress based on our feedback, and the feedback from their early clients. The team work well together and are constantly pushing forward, taking input and iterating their product. Their understanding of the subtleties of workplace psychology and communication is impressive, as is their drive and desire to produce an awesome product. We can’t wait to adopt it!

Tommy Maguire recommended where Sean is Co-Founder

I’m really excited about what Sean and the team are doing, workplace communication impacts everyone, and it is a real problem that have a unique take on. Sean was instrumental in the growth of Tomorrow Communications. He has the rare ability to be both commercially and technically aware, and able to communicate effortlessly from client board room/CxO level discussions to detailed technical conversations with engineers and developers. He is an excellent manager and was capable of hiring and leading very senior people. Sean is highly regarded and very well known in the UK enterprise IT community, where he is adept at making connections, knocking on doors, and closing new business. I’m confident with his tenacity, intelligence and attention to detail will be a success.
Tommy Maguire - Founder & MD of Tomorrow Communications

Dr Ian McDonald recommended where Sean is Co-Founder

I've known Sean since he provided enterprise class services to me at News UK. Sean has built up a strong team at covering people with strong back end services to talented front end developers. I believe Sean will succeed as he a great team, he understands the corporate environment very well so understand the problem space and he has a strong network in large enterprise. This strong network will enable him to get his product introduced into businesses.

Sean is able to see things from a "big picture" view and work to put things in place to make things much better. I am confident that he and his team will be very successful with

Matt Clifford recommended where Sean is Co-Founder

I've known Kit since 2011 when he first applied to Entrepreneur First. He won a highly competitive place on the first EF cohort and showed himself to be a tenacious, determined founder and a capable hacker. He's excellent with people and responds well to coaching and feedback. I'm excited to see what he does with