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We are the future of content search.
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Kumaran A

This is a recommendation for the proposers - Abhijit, Abhirup and Shaishav.

I had known all three of them over last few years in various capacities - from being interns, to research assistant and as research software engineers .

In technical aspects, I would rate them among the best - from the population of students and junior researchers working (or worked) in MSR India. Between them, they had been working on cutting edge research on a wide range of problems - from large scale text mining and analytics, information retrieval and search, machine learning algorithms for specific product problems and crowdsourcing and games with a purpose. They have stellar academic record as well.

They are hardworking and highly capable - in narrowing in on interesting problems, and working out innovative solutions. These should help much in their entrepreneurial ambitions and effort.

I would highly recommend their candidature for Accelerator program. I wish them the best!