Welcome to the scaleup selection process for the SEC2SV event. More info about the Startup Europe comes to Silicon Valley week at ARE YOU A SCALEUP? The minimums to be considered for the SEC2SV scaleup group, companies must have had at least 10 employees 3 years ago and growing more than 20% year-over-year in revenue, employees, or user-base. Applications are open Mar 9 – May 31st after which selection is made by Startup Europe Partnership (SEP) Investors Forum members and U.S. investors. In total SEC2SV has selected 33 of the best EU scaleups. REQUIREMENTS 1) Be a European company 2) Have an average annualized growth year-over-year in revenue, employees, or user-base of at least 20% per annum over a three year period (with more than 10 employees at the beginning of the observation period: 2014–2016) 3) Have an clear interest in expanding in the United States market or already having a local subsidiary BENEFITS * Help the most ready scaleup company CEOs in Europe to expand their operations into the US market * Facilitate introductions and foster relationships between leading policy makers, entrepreneurs, investors from both Silicon Valley and Europe * Address present challenges raised by EU scaleup companies * Raise SV awareness of EU entrepreneurial activity * Raise EU policy maker awareness of SV best practices key to supporting Entrepreneurship in EU SELECTION -SEC2SV is targeting to build a high-quality and geographically diversified delegation of Scaleups - It draws the best and brightest CEOs from Europe’s most high potential scaleups and provides an opportunity for these CEOs to learn from, debate and develop business relations with Silicon Valley investors, successful serial entrepreneurs, and experts. - The final selection will be done by a group of investors from both the EU and US. We’ve been mapping EU scaleups for the last few years. See our multiple regional reports here:



Goals at SEC2SV 2017

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