Seiji Fouquet

Seiji Fouquet

Always want to build new things. Night coder & Bike addict.
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Brisbane, Australia
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Krak Skateboarding, Inc

Software Developer @Krak Skateboarding, Inc • Employee

Sep '16 - Present (2 years 6 months)


Engineer @Krak • Co-Founder

Social & e-commerce platform for rebellious sports.

Amazing things Seiji's made
Max and I helped creating and are now managing the biggest cryptocurrencies community in France called La Baleine []. We have a Discord with more than 4K active people weekly, and we also create tools like alerts bot, machine learning software to help traders, informations bot and more.

Jason Clement recommended Krak where Seiji is Co-Founder

As a brand and business-builder with over 15 years experience, I'm very impressed with Krak and Kevin. These guys are building a lifestyle brand anchored in products, not just a product that becomes a commodity. I rarely meet an team who has such a clear understanding of how to they'll build that can create excitement among a core passionate community and grow value exponentially.

Gilles Marchand recommended Krak where Seiji is Co-Founder

Kevin is resilient and passionate. Those are fundamental qualities for an entrepreneur. I have witnessed this first hand when Kevin and his team were in our startup offices. They experienced highs and lows but throughout, Kevin and his team stayed strong and continued to march forward. They have a deep understanding of the skateboarding community. They know how this community is in need of better technology and that what they are building could grow into more sport verticals. I've seen them adapt, listen to their community and consistently get better.

Dr. Ricardo Schäfer recommended Krak where Seiji is Co-Founder

I bet early on Kevin and his team at Krak and have seen them evolve and experiment a lot since their early days. Kevin truly has an outsider mentality and I rarely met some people with such a survivor attitude and dedication to their mission. Seedcamp has invested in Hole 19 and Fishbrain which are doing well for their respective vertical social networks status so we are bullish on the space. Kevin and his team are skateboarders for a while and they deeply know what this demographic needs and how to influence it. They developed a really promising model for addressing that existing and growing community. I am convinced that you would benefit a lot from having Kevin and the Krak core team in your program. They are the most energetic advocate of the counter-culture and on a side note really nice people to hang out with.

Mark Gainey recommended Krak where Seiji is Co-Founder

I have gotten to know Kev over the past twelve months. His passion, drive, and determination are not to be underestimated. Like all good entrepreneurs, he has balanced a vision for serving a passionate community with a practical business approach that helps determine true product fit and market opportunity.

As a CEO of a consumer company dedicated to a vertical audience, I can attest to the value of a focused approach. The team at Krak has identified the skateboarding community -- a growing audience in need of innovative products and services. And their first service, a subscription box, unlocks a long-term relationship with the customer using a recurring revenue model. In my opinion, It's a great way to build a business while assessing future growth opportunities.

I have been impressed with the results the team has achieved in a short period of time. They have a clear long-term vision for the company and know how to take the steps to move the company forward.

Yves Bergquist CEO at recommended Krak where Seiji is Co-Founder

I have known Krak and followed the team since their very first days, and have always been impressed with the company's culture, ambition, and momentum. Kev and his team have leveraged their deep knowledge of the skateboarding culture to build a powerful and differentiated brand that is well positioned to inspire millions of skaters worldwide. With the launch and success of the Krak box, they have laid the cornerstone of a much larger play in an industry that begs to be disrupted, with a passionate fan base hungry for new ways to connect and enjoy their sport. Kev and the whole Krak team are merciless executers of a clear and powerful vision, and, as such, are poised for greatness.