Sergio Marrero

Sergio Marrero

Hustler, Prototyper, Strategist, Business Designer
UI/UX Design • General Business
New York City, US
  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Strategy
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Design of Experiments
  • Design Thinking
  • Entrepreneur
  • Excel
  • Financial Analysis
  • Management Consulting
  • Market Analysis
  • Market Research
  • PowerPoint
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Start-ups
  • Supply Chain
  • User Experience
  • User Interface Design
  • Venture Capital
Rebel One -

CEO @Rebel One - • Co-Founder

An online global training school making investment accessible to anyone


CEO @Caila • Co-Founder

An AI career coach for career advancement


KORK • Co-Founder

KORK - Sustainable Fashion Products


Leyeph • Co-Founder


PeopleHunt • Co-Founder

Mobile app connecting people so they help each other to make things


Co-Founder @Plexx Unconfirmed

Amazing things Sergio's made
I have coached over 500 entrepreneurs from cities in the U.S. such as Boston, NYC, and Chicago to countries around the world such as Chile, Italy, Singapore, and China and founded two start-ups previous to this start-up. My previous startup ALEX (Anyone's Learning Experience), a digital assistant for career advancement.

Over the course of a two years we were a finalist at SXSW edu, conducted over 150 user interviews, led our product development with a designer and developer, executed two pilots over 10 weeks, fundraised about $75K, and together we launched a product. We had pilots set up with Thermo Fisher and Google, but ultimately did not get the traction we needed to obtain follow on funding, we discontinued the product, but we were proud of the lives we effected and product we created.

Since I have helped launch Venture University (aka VU Venture Partners) and Rebel One.
Northeastern University

Northeastern University

Industrial Engineering

Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School

Masters of Business Administration Aug 2012 - May 2015

Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Masters of Public Policy Aug 2011 - May 2015


Alex Quarles Advisor at Women's Global Empowerment Initiative recommended Caila where Sergio is Co-Founder

We've known Sergio and the Caila team for about 6 months and although we don't advise them in a formal capacity, they are always eager to listen to and implement feedback. The team is thoughtful and ready willing and able to dig into a problem, attack a new customer segment, or build out an entirely new product if needed. They are absolutely on the right track with their latest pivot and would grow leaps and bounds under the guidance and support of any accelerator and its network.

William Sanchez Co-Founder at CoolChip Technologies recommended Caila where Sergio is Co-Founder

+1 for this team! Sergio is going to disrupt education. He’s been fiercely committed to doing so for many years. The founder passion and his mission scale are off the charts.

ALEX is Sergio's latest venture. Behind closed doors we’ve discussed far out, game-changing ideas. I bet he’d be willing to share some when you meet him.

Sergio can offer a lot to Techstars founders. Frankly, for society’s benefit, I think Sergio can gain tons as an entrepreneur by spending a few months enduring Semyon's brutally honest 1-on-1’s! Ditto re mentor madness.

All-star co-founder, Anabell, spent 5+ years at P&G before catching the startup bug. Dip @ Ecovent poached her a year ago. If you know Dip, then you know how picky & selective he is with talent! Unfortunately, Ecovent went through harsh layoffs recently :/ It wasn’t long before Sergio recruited Anabell.

Btw, they're brilliant! :-D

Highly recommend the team! They’d benefit immensely. They’d be an awesome asset for Techstars!

Zak Schwarzman Senior Associate at Gotham Ventures recommended Caila where Sergio is Co-Founder

I was Sergio’s supervisor during his MBA internship with Gotham Ventures during the summer of 2015 and it quickly became apparent that he possesses many of the characteristics that Gotham prize in our investment and entrepreneurial talent.

My decision to hire Sergio out of a pool of top MBAs was influenced in large measure by the conviction he showed in taking a year off from HBS to pursue his prior EdTech startup.

Sergio’s project that has had the most lasting impact is the thesis on the importance of design and design-thinking in startups. He mapped the design ecosystem here in New York, identifying hidden pools of entrepreneurial talent that we now monitor.

Sergio’s design thinking approach to entrepreneurship have been evident in ALEX. Sergio is placing himself in his customer’s shoes and solving backwards. Sergio's mix of purpose and conviction are both characteristic of how he approaches challenges and hallmarks of the entrepreneurs we seek to invest in at Gotham.