Sergi Sergiev

Sergi Sergiev

Curious, adventurer with passion to learn and grow.
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Sofia, Bulgaria
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Data Science Society

Community Leader @Data Science Society • Employee

Apr '14 - Present (4 years 10 months)

Shop Up

CEO @Shop Up • Co-Founder

Customer behaviour analytics for Malls and Shopping Centers


Experian • Employee

Amazing things Sergi's made
I’m proud that together we manage to build a team able to challenge the status-quo and deliver superb quality in no time - fast and furious :) It takes like more than a year and half, we are small and very balanced team onboarding customers on the other side of the ocean without going there :)
ТЕТ "М.В.Ломоносов"

ТЕТ "М.В.Ломоносов"

ТЕТ "М.В.Ломоносов"

ТЕТ "М.В.Ломоносов"

WU (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien)

WU (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien)

E MBA Oct 2012 - Feb 2014


Andrew Mulvenna Co-founder at Brightpearl recommended Shop Up where Sergi is Co-Founder

Very experienced team. Product has launched, and won the SAP startup challenge, which has given access to large corporate clients for bizdev & inputs to product dev.

Regarding the Market: ecommerce is growing 15% yoy, with multichannel growing 50% yoy. All online merchants struggle to find tools that help measure & increase business metrics such as return rate, etc.

The only solutions getting traction are email based solutions, which are crude as industry open/click rates are low (15% & 3%).

ShopGo provides insights, and powers campaigns not just using email but all other on/offline channels.

If they can make this work with SAPs customers, it will be a huge opportunity.

Miha Uhan CEO & Co-Founder at Scoutee recommended Shop Up where Sergi is Co-Founder

Hi, I'm running my own hardware+software company in Ljubljana, Slovenia and first met CEO of Shop Up, Sergi Sergiev in the Eleven Accelerator in Sofia, Bulgaria, where both of our startups took part in their 8th batch. Sergi is a great individual both professionally as well as personally, and he clearly radiates this great startup vibe as well as the ability to lead. His knowledge of and experience from the field of commerce, marketing, as well as finance makes him an ideal CEO for his startup Shop Up. He is also one of the founding founders of the Data Science Society in Bulgaria, which proves his knowledge from the field of big data. Shop Up is out to solve a problem for (e-)commerce, and they use a robust methodology for this. This is a very large global market, and the team of Shop Up certainly knows enough about commerce business to tackle it. Cheers, Miha Uhan