Seriphus is an incredibly strong company pursuing a huge/ripe market (Internet of Things for automotive) and the team's horsepower is startling. I've been blown away while acting as a mentor.

Dillan is extremely focused, tenacious, and creative. I've known him for 20 years and am always impressed. In college, he earned 4 degrees in 3 years, founded or led 6 campus organizations and held a full-time job. Since then, he's achieved early promotions twice in notoriously competitive consulting firms (PWC and Deloitte). He was also an advisor @ Idea Foundry.

Heidi: engineer, project manager -> MS, Comp Engr @ USC, Boeing, Northrop Grumman

Hugo: embedded computing and machine vision expert -> Nokia, CERN, European Space Agency

Kathryn: automotive industry veteran and entrepreneur -> took two automotive businesses from nothing to international firms with millions in sales

They are sharp, can walk through walls, and are open to mentorship. I strongly endorse Seriphus.