Basic Information

Your Idea/Venture

We expect all participants in this program to come in with at least one idea for a venture that they are passionate about pursuing. Keep in mind that... We understand that your idea/venture may be at various stages from idea to early stage During the program, we will help you learn, iterate and pivot your idea/venture Use this as a chance to practice your pitch to a supportive audience

Skills and Background

Tell us more about yourself. Please be candid, so we can best understand how we can best help you realize your potential in this program.

Rank the top 5 skills that you are most confident (Choose only once choice for 1,2,3,4,and 5 with 1 being the area where you are most confident)

How would you characterize the most important aspects of your personal styles in the following areas? Examples that illustrate your unique approaches are very helpful. (short response: 200 words or less for each)

We believe a critical factor of startup success is creating great teams. There will be many opportunities to work in groups to get to know potential team members. Knowing your personality type will help you in these situations, as well as help your form effective working groups. Please follow the the link below to take a short personality test and report your results. 16Personalities MBTI Test :

For the following personality types, please list the the percentage that you received (leave the opposite type blank):>

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