Sevan Tavitian

Sevan Tavitian

Curious. Hustler. Natural leader. A mother setting an example that good work ethic leads to success.
Marketing • UI/UX Design
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Design
  • Retail
  • Brand Development
  • Business Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing
  • Multi-channel Marketing
  • Project Execution
  • Project Planning
  • Sales/Bus Dev

CEO @Giftrapp • Co-Founder

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Amazing things Sevan's made
With no tech background, I built the current Giftrapp MVP in collaboration with 3 different US-based agency.

Prior to my Chalhoub Group experience, I launched a fashion label, managed the production of garments which were sold at multi-brand concept stores across the GCC.

Prior to that, as president of the Rotary Club of Jumeirah, together with my committee teams, I successfully held a 500 attendee fashion show event with zero budget and raised $25,000 for a local charity residential centre for special needs.
Notre Dame University

Notre Dame University

Visual Communication


David Bequette Advisor at Giftrapp recommended Giftrapp where Sevan is Co-Founder

Sevan is clearly a worker. There are times you invest in an idea, a product, an innovation and then there are times were you invest in both the product and the person and that what you get with Sevan. No lack of hustle and work ethic!

Arthur Bizdikian CEO at Lemonade Fashion recommended Giftrapp where Sevan is Co-Founder

Sevan is a great CEO. I met her at a startup event and have been in love with her project ever since.