Shane Matt

Shane Matt

Dentist and 3 generations of a family in dentistry, now advancing technology
UI/UX Design • General Business
Austin, US
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AnatoMotion, Inc.

CEO @AnatoMotion, Inc. • Co-Founder

We create tools to better treat sleep apnea and other bite related issues.

Jun '14 - Present (6 years 4 months)

CEO • Co-Founder

Jun '01 - Present (19 years 4 months)


AnatoMotion • Employee

Amazing things Shane's made
A beautiful smile can change someone's day. Overcoming an unsightly smile can change a life. I have built many amazing smiles using CAD/CAM technology. I stopped using labs to create new smiles over a decade ago. Now, with 3D scanners, printing and milling, I custom make beautiful smiles with the patient at my side. I learned the basics in dental school. Continuing education courses served to enhance my artistic abilities and greater scientific understanding of health and technology. Haunted by my dentist grandfather's death, ushered out by sleep apnea, my focus narrowed on seeing CAD 3D models of teeth in motion. I tried several things that did not work, but eventually determined MEMS to be the best solution. Now we are on the cusp of bringing to market the first motion tracking system for dentistry that can also be done with a sleep study. Real human motion applied to digital and robotic models. Data driven diagnostics for the bite. That's pretty amazing too.
LSU Health Sciences Center School of Den

LSU Health Sciences Center School of Den

Dentistry Jul 1995 - May 1999

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

B.S. Biology and Chemistry Aug 1990 - May 1994


Henry Gremillion recommended AnatoMotion, Inc. where Shane is Co-Founder

The complexity of the dynamics of the masticatory system is immense. Anatomotion technology will provide a tremendous advancement in one's ability to assess patients masticatory function and parafunction. This information will serve a vital role in expanding our understanding of the stomatognathic system.

Clint Esler recommended AnatoMotion, Inc. where Shane is Co-Founder

As a dentist who mostly treats TMD, having the best information to make treatment decisions is critical to being able to help complex patients. I am so excited to see AnatoMotion in action. With Shane's knowledge, drive, and creativity, I am positive it is going to be a Must Have tool.

Jerry Hu, DDS recommended AnatoMotion, Inc. where Shane is Co-Founder

As a neuromuscular dentist and board certified in dental sleep medicine, AnatoMotion will be a highly integral part in precision dentistry. Especially with pitch, roll, yaw with all the dimensions of mandibular movement and bite registration, AnatoMotion will be very necessary.

Courtney Richter General Dentist at Lake District Family Dentistry recommended AnatoMotion, Inc. where Shane is Co-Founder

To whom this may concern,
I would like to ask that you to consider AnatoMotion for several reasons. The 3 Dimensional technology will provide invaluable information to Dentists and other Physicians treating patients in a way that has never been seen before. I believe that the technology will benefit patients by assisting in the diagnoses and treatment in a precise, definitive and reproducible manner which currently does not exist in the profession. I look forward to having the micro motion sensors and 3D visualization available! THank you for your consideration!
Courtney Richter, DDS
Lake District Family Dentistry

Kevin Bril recommended AnatoMotion, Inc. where Shane is Co-Founder

AnatoMotion has the potential to transform Sleep and TMD dentistry. The ability to measure with extreme accuracy in real time will lead to better diagnosis and treatment outcomes for patients. I am very excited to see how else this technology can help my practice. I believe that Shane and his team are just scratching the surface with what this technology can do.

dan jenkins Owner at dan jenkins dds recommended AnatoMotion, Inc. where Shane is Co-Founder

08-06-2017 I have been aware of the development of this technology for several years. The importance of this for dentists is the ease with which a dentist will be able to determine precise positions for sleep appliances. The way appliances are done now is only in the ball park and then through adjustments and sleep studies to determine if the position is ideal. Many of my friends are also anxiously awaiting this technology to be released to not only make our job easier and quicker but to aid in better treatment for our patients suffering from sleep apnea.


dan jenkins dds, lvif, fiapa, cde-aadej
Editor, past-president, Tri-County Dental Society
Editor, past-president, IACA
Editor, past-president, American Association of Dental Editors & Journalists
Delegate, ADA-House of Delegates
Riverside, ca, usa

Deric Ikuta recommended AnatoMotion, Inc. where Shane is Co-Founder

AnatoMotion technology can greatly improve the patient experience while simultaneously improving the treatment diagnosis and outcomes. It will allow more accurate records for both TMD and sleep bites while being less intrusive for patients while gathering diagnostic records. I feel this will be the next technological evolution moving forward.

Martin Abelar Owner at Aesthethic Dentistry of La Jolla recommended AnatoMotion, Inc. where Shane is Co-Founder

As a dentist of 36 years I have been amazed at the advances I have seen. Fully 90% of what I do today I was not taught in dental school. Despite all the advances there are still procedures that seem antiquated and cumbersome especially in light of modern day techniques. Anatamotion fills a big void with respect to moving some of those procedures forward. This technology when paired with other digital advancements will certainly revolutionize treatment of sleep apnea and bite management...and thats just the start. Very exciting!

David Buck recommended AnatoMotion, Inc. where Shane is Co-Founder

This technology will greatly enhance diagnosis and treatment of TMJ problems, occlusion problems and dental treatment of sleep apnea. The oral system is calibrated to a level of microns and a millimeter of difference can be all it takes to have clinical success or failure. Having such a sensitive an accurate technology to understand jaw function, occlusion and jaw position will make our treatments of more complex dental problems much easier. I am a TMJ expert and teach advanced methods to dentists, I appreciate detail and accuracy. Technology at this level will have an great impact on dentistry for years and years to come.


Director Orthodontics Studies, LVIADS
Faculty Advanced TMD Studies, LVIADS
Orthodontic Faculty, Facial Beauty Institute
Clinical Instructor, LVIADS
Regional Director, LVIADS

Ted Kawulok recommended AnatoMotion, Inc. where Shane is Co-Founder

Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Breathing Disorders is becoming one of the major health issues worldwide. AnatoMotion will allow effective treatment of the disorder with Dental Appliances in an efficient, cost effective manner with patient record portability. Getting the right jaw relationship for the appliance will become quick and accurate leading to superior results that are more cost effective than CPAP. I am very excited about the potentials of this technology for treatment of complex temporomandibular and craniofacial dysfunctions as well.

Norine Yukon recommended AnatoMotion, Inc. where Shane is Co-Founder

Shane and his talented team have developed an innovative technology which will dramatically improve diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities. This technology provides a level of accuracy and sensitivity in mouth measurements not previously available, thus making mouth guards and sleep apnea devices significantly more effective. In addition, the utilization of this new sensor technology will enable consumers and health care providers to obtain unique, patient-specific information which will have wide application. It is anticipated that real-time, individual feedback will help providers improve care for their patients, and will help consumers take better charge of their own health care. I am very excited about what Shane and his team have developed and built.

Gordon Daugherty Board Member at Riskpulse recommended AnatoMotion, Inc. where Shane is Co-Founder

The AnatoMotion team has done an amazing job of combining innovative IoT technology with a deep understanding of the dentistry industry. Their focus and drive from the early idea development phase to the prototype phase has been amazing. I look forward to celebrating the success of their product launch and the change it's going to have on their industry.

Mark Duncan Dentist at Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown recommended AnatoMotion, Inc. where Shane is Co-Founder

I couldn't be more excited to see what happens from here... I have watched as this has grown from an incredible idea into a workable model to allow me, as a dentist, to help manage my patients at a much higher level! The team of people at the wheel is a guarantee for success and add in Shane's passion and creative intuition and this will change how dentistry is practiced! Cannot wait to see this technology in my office!!

Len Liptak CEO at ProSomnus Sleep Technologies recommended AnatoMotion, Inc. where Shane is Co-Founder

Repositioning the mandible is one of the most important aspects of treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea patients with Oral Appliances Therapy. Variance can result in suboptimal treatment and increased risk of side effects. AnatoMotion's technology has the potential to mitigate these risks by enhancing the precision and efficiency of this critical process step, and more.

Mark Estabrook at AnatoMotion recommended AnatoMotion, Inc. where Shane is Co-Founder

Shane is passionate about his company, science, technology and product development. This is truly unlimited potential for investors. Wherever movement takes place in human anatomy, Shane's inventions will proffer treatment for patients and returns on investment.

Mark Estabrook at AnatoMotion recommended AnatoMotion where Shane is Employee

Shane is building something very special. He is taking the science of vectors and applying it to medicine. The potential of its application is unlimited.