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Carlos Aquino

Martin has the skill set, personality, and determination to start, grow and manage a technology oriented business. I met Martin when he was the founder of Phonejoy and he approached me to develop a strategy for the Japan and Korea markets. Martin has key marketing and sales skills learned throughout the years he has lived in asia.

It is my pleasure and an honor to recommend martin. Please take him and pulish the diamond inside of him. America needs him.

Greg Bernarda

There's a lot of buzz around the concept of T shaped people, where someone has depth of expertise in a particular domain AND the ability to empathise and work with others in other domains.
What impressed me about Alex is that he truly possesses depth of expertise in a few different domains, including at least: deep tech knowledge (esp. hardware), design, and business. He's proved this a number of times through his startups and consulting.
If you know Alex a bit better you also discover that he's been building up these skills consciously, with a view of shaping himself into a CEO of a high growth company.
These guys have a brilliant idea. But more than that, knowing Alex, I think they have a real shot at making it succeed. I would definitely bet on them.

Leslie Yuen

I've known Martin Kessler when he was the CEO at PhoneJoy. I am the US Cyberport Consultant & his mentor. He demonstrated essential entrepreneurship skills such as building the core-team, understand the keys product/market fit, raising funding & managing cash flow. I highly recommend Martin.

Serge Van Oudenhove

Alexandre is a great entrepreneur. I know Alexandre since the school and I always consider him as my mentor. He is passionate by various domain from electronics to entrepreneurship. After the university, he get quickly involved in projects and create various successful start-up swiftly addressing a solution to customer needs, when he identifies a opportunity On the top of that, Alexandre is very good at interacting with people. He is liaising easily with everybody and is always showing pleasure at discussing any matter.

Michael Michelini 迈理倪

I am very happy to be able to have the chance to give Martin a letter of recommendation - I have gotten to know him over the years as he has been continuously giving his time to the startup community in South China. He has been a big part of a few kickstarter projects that have gone well above their initial goals. He has also spoken at quite a few events, and even organized a few recently that were very successful. He has been a big part of the Founder’s Institute in Hong Kong as well, and also been a guest on my podcast Global From Asia (episode 53). He is the real deal, and I am confident to recommend him to this accelerator program. I can be contacted with any other questions or comments.

Pascal Marmier (孟思恺)

I've know Alex when he was selected for the Swiss national "startup team" (program venture leaders in Boston). Already then, he impressed veteran entrepreneurs with his expertise in tech development and his entrepreneurial spirit. We are working together on a large hardware innovation project in China with students from a leading engineering school (EPFL) so I can definitely recommend him for any hardware startup. In addition, Alex has a keen understanding of all the strategic tools needed to succeed as an early stage tech startup. I have no doubt that he is more than qualified to enter the program and a lot of other participants will also greatly benefit from sharing with him.

Sylvain Motte

I had the chance to work with Martin at Phonejoy. I discovered a true entrepreneur. Martin impressed me with his scope of knowledge and skills. He is hands on and no matter what issues re related to (project management, sales, logistic, marketing, web development...) Martin will solve it and get things done quickly. It has been a great pleasure to work with him and I would highly recommend him in his new venture.

Ho Yin Cheung CEO at Remo Conference

I am a hardware consumer electronics brand owner for almost 5 years, and I have been through many product life cycles. I don't meet many hardware managers with amazing experience, but Martin is one of them. Martin is an expert in the hardware space with a wealth of experience in pushing a product from concept to actuality. In his most recent venture in Phonejoy, the experience he gained in business development, investor management, and entrepreneurship is staggering. I look to him for mentorship and guidance in hardware.

Alex is a multi-talented guru in PCB, firmware coding, and engineering design for electronics. I look to him for advice for anything related in hardcore engineering. He is also versed in lean startup methodology giving many talks and taught me most of the methodology himself. He is also a great graphics and industrial design, he so well versed in so many areas that he himself represents probably at least 3 people.

Carel van Apeldoorn

I have known Alexander professionally and personally for about 4 years, and he is one of the rare people that always inspires me with this skills, deep technical knowledge and big ideas. Alex is excellent in doing what he loves most, which is software and hardware design as well as graphical design. Alex is one of these people that excels in every challenge he takes on. Most important, he knows how to execute and get things done and he is a true entrepreneur.

Alexander Moroz

I’ve known Martin for over 5 years and we have worked together for 3 years at our Phonejoy Start-UP.

At all times Martin has been motivated and reliable. He was involved in product development, marketing strategy, brand development, administration and customer support.

It’s Martin’s habit to always be up to date on the latest developments in the tech-world and he is always trying to exchange his experience in the Start-Up world with other entrepreneurs.
I would strongly recommend Martin for a hardware/software Start-Up due to his wide experience in many major tasks which a young company has to face!

- Alexander Moroz, Co-Founder of Phonejoy

Jeffrey Broer Co-founder at Recime

Martin Kessler and I successfully organised a startup conference about failure. Martin helped me with the promotion, speaker lineup, logistics and corporate sponsorships of the event. Throughout my past two years since I've known Martin we have shared a tremendous amount of experience about the hardships of running a startup business.