Shashank Shrivastav

Shashank Shrivastav

i am coder and site designer of my startup.
Front End Dev
Jabalpur, India
  • CSS
  • Web Development

CTO @onways • Co-Founder

an startup related to day to day travelling or transportation.

Amazing things Shashank's made
onways website ,a company related to transportation. it shows / locates the blankseat private or oublic vans going in your direction.
ewit banglore

ewit banglore

bachelor in engineering Aug 2016 - Present


Ravi shankar CEO at cofounder at onways recommended onways where Shashank is Co-Founder

Hi Shashank. I am already in your team.and this idea is mine only .thanks for joining me on f6s . Always with u with onways.