Craig Silver
Craig Silver Marketing I'm passionate about empowering cooks to serve their neighborhoods with the Shmeal app. I do marketing, design and operations for Shmeal.


To whom it may concern:

I had the pleasure of meeting Craig and the team at Shmeal 2 months ago. Having had the privilege of meeting 1000+ entrepreneurs, it's rare to encounter a team that has such a big vision with a narrow, calculated approach. Their focus on optimizing the experience for both the supply and demand side is rare to find, but critical in building a successful venture. They've taken the time to conduct thorough market research, iterate on their product and hone their approach. These principles oftentimes seem forgotten in today's approach to company building as growth and raising venture dollars seems to define success. Although, I can't say for certain if Shmeal will be successful or not, the team is going to give it everything they have and will certainly benefit from any coaching and resources provided to them.

My name is Kevin Frechette, I’m co-founder and CEO at Fairmarkit, an intelligent sourcing platform disrupting the procurement software industry.

I have been telling Justin and Craig for years that they should join an accelerator as I strongly believe they'd thrive in that type of environment.

When I first heard about Shmeal I was excited to hear that they were working together on a company that could disrupt a major industry. They have always been creative and driven individuals, and I’m happy to see them sharing their passions through their business. I’ve tried Shmeal a few times while visiting Chicago and I’ve had amazing experiences every time, so I really need Shmeal to grow and expand to Boston (ASAP). I know Techstars can help Shmeal get there.

Overall I think Shmeal is an ideal fit for the program, and with Techstars help there’s no limit to how big this company can grow. Please feel free to contact me directly if I can be a reference, Best! Kevin (kevin@fairmarkit.com)

Craig is one outstanding entrepreneur. Not only has he created an app that's already changed lives, but he's a standout for following up meticulously with each participant of his app -- on both sides -- from the users to the cooks. He sees the bigger picture and knows how to get there. (I'm not even an old friend, I met him as a random user of the app and he reached out to me -- as an early adopter this was quite impressive.) I know that Shmeal will knock it outta the park!

As a Techstars Boston alumnus, I’m excited to recommend Craig Silver and Justin Hamer for the Techstars Chicago 2021 cohort.

I have known Craig and Justin for many years, and I was one of the first Shmeal users. I love the concept and believe that these guys can achieve their vision with the help of Techstars.

I’m impressed with their persistence and how far they’ve come with Shmeal as first-time founders. I think they’re a perfect fit for the Techstars program, and highly recommend you accept their application.