Showqase has it all: A passionate, dedicated team; a fantastic strategic vision, and the technical chops to make it all happen. The Showqase app promises to provide an amazing customer experience, whether you are a studio or a movie buff. If you love movies, you need to check this out!

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with the Showqase Team for a few years now. Tim is a measured leader with a strong sense of the market and product timing as well as great product and business development chops. I've worked with Keith and Meg on a couple projects and their compliment to each other's skills is the definition of 1+1=3. From a product perspective, Showqase is a simple and elegant way to engage friends around movies, reviews, and sharing content. In an ever evolving digital and socially engaged landscape, Showqase has the potential to carve a valuable niche in social movie reviews, with the brand awareness potential for 3rd party brands, theaters, and studios to leverage the unique content.