Shubham Badal

Shubham Badal

Founder & CEO, CybrHome. 25 under 25, Science & Technology.
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Bangalore, India
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Founder & CEO @CybrHome • Co-Founder

CybrHome is building a knowledge base for the internet.

Amazing things Shubham's made
• Have co-built custom-background.js which is jQuery plugin to allow users change the website’s default background and saves the background selected to local storage. This plugin can easily be added to any website or web app without any compromise on website's performance. Was released as an open source project under the MIT License (MIT) in 2014.

• Have built several cool HTML5 web apps (Desk, Widgets, NewTab, LiteTab, Windows) in my free time to learn and experiment more about interface design and user experience. For more details see LinkedIn or

• Built Shop – cashback and offers website for college students.

• Experience of building several aesthetically pleasing websites from scratch for various needs including corporate websites, college fests, personal websites and more.

• Published a journal in International Journal of Computer Applications about the concept of virtual cloud operating systems.
NITK Surathkal

NITK Surathkal

Computer Engineering Jun 2012 - May 2016