We are working on the next gen eSports....
We are working on the next gen eSports.
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Cesar Ortega
Cesar Ortega Ex-City banker making awesome video games
Pablo Rodríguez Valero
Pablo Rodríguez Valero More than 10 yr experience in video games, Pablo is the brain behind Skara
Sebastian Stoddart
Sebastian Stoddart Passionate about innovation and developing ideas from concept to market
Microsoft Accelerator
Microsoft Accelerator Empowering Startup Success on a Global Scale
Microsoft Accelerator London
Microsoft Accelerator London Empowering Startups on a Global Scale


Sebastian Stoddart Co-Founder at BarNecessities

Skara has an incredible team with a track record of delivering on their stated objectives. They have achieved a great amount in a short space of time and I am happy to recommend them, and the game that they are currently building. I am excited to see Skara have a successful launch and look forward to seeing the team deliver such an exciting project.