Application form for the Class of 2017-18

Thank you for your interest in our program. While there are several fields that are not mandatory, the more information you provide us, the better we will get to know you.

關於申請者 About Applicant

關於您的創業公司(僅當您是創辦人,CEO、或CTO、CXO時,才回應本節) About Your Startup (Respond to this section only if you are founder, CEO, President or CTO)

您在此提供的資訊有助於我們創建一個資料庫,我們用來積極幫助我們的創業公司獲得資金 The information you provide here helps us create a database which we use to actively help our startups get funding

如果您不是創辦人或在您的創業公司工作不是您的全職工作,請告訴我們您所在公司或學術機構 If you're not a founder or working at your startup isn't your full time job, tell us about the company or academic institution you work for

後勤需求 Logistical requirements

為了確保 SLP 支持社群的承諾,我們十分看重參與和承諾。我們需要您承諾投入,同樣的,我們將盡全力透過 SLP 來支持您,也很樂意提供幫助。 To ensure SLP holds its commitment to supporting the community we take attendance and commitment seriously. We need your promise of commitment, in return we will do our very best to support you through the entire SLP process - we're happy to help

教育 Education

潛力SLP候選人推薦 Potential SLP candidate referral

你知道任何一个优秀的人谁会成为一个伟大的SLP研究员?这个人可能在任何位置。如果我们决定邀请他们申请,我们不会要求他们,直到我们对您的申请作出决定 Do you know anyone outstanding who would make a great SLP Fellow? This person could be in any location. If we decide to invite them to apply, we won't ask them till we've made a decision on your application.