Steven Roadhouse
Steven Roadhouse IT & Software Evangelical Sales Veteran with experience at Apple, Oracle, Dazel, & HP.
Tommy Geoco
Tommy Geoco Product Design Leader in Advertising Technology


Javier Vinals

Cody worked for me as COO. I recommend him for your entrepreneur program.

While working in commercial production, I always relied on Cody to put together creative presentations. His creativity, resourcefulness, and ability to see a project through really made these presentations distinctive and successful.

When launching a new business line, Cody was able to observe every step of the process, sitting in on meetings and working with people in all areas of the production from the moment the production was set in motion through the release of the film ten months later.

Cody has every skill a startup would require and he puts the passion and the hard work that is needed. I believe Socialwyze has huge potential, not only as a business project but also as a social venture with high impact, and I am sure Cody is the person that can make it happen.

Tommy Geoco Advisor at Socialwyze

Over the last few years, I’ve gotten to know Cody professionally and personally and have since welcomed him into my trusted network. About a year ago, Cody approached me with a big idea. Having co-founded and sold a company that began as a big idea, his verve and determination immediately resonated with me. It was clear he was not only passionate, but he was already making moves. While some startups get stuck in analaysis and planning, Cody had already outlined a rough scope of work through the next couple of years and had a month’s worth of networking planned with deliberate goals and contingencies. I was immediately aware that Cody was what we called in the Marine Corps a “force multiplier”. His ability to set a goal and get shit done is exactly the kind of character I look for in partners and good team members. But most importantly, he’s smart. He asks the right questions, he digs deep in WHY, he leaves his ego at the door, and he focuses his time on the things that matter.