SoFly is a Social Engagement platform focused on changing the way people consume and interact with media content....
SoFly is a Social Engagement platform focused on changing the way people consume and interact with media content.
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Eleven S7 - Sep-Dec 2014
Eleven S7 - Sep-Dec 2014 The 7th Run of Eleven


Michele Leroux Bustamante
Michele Leroux Bustamante Michele Leroux Bustamante is CIO/Solliance (, and Founder/Snapboard (; a Microsoft Regional Director & MVP.
Stephen Forte
Stephen Forte MD at Fresco. CTO Zagat (sold to Google), co-Founder Corzen, Triton & ChassisFinder (all acquired) & CSO Telerik (acquired in 2014).
Steven Kopec


Alexander Osipov
Alexander Osipov Scientist that loves making sense of data and relating it to the real world
Filipe Carvalho
Filipe Carvalho Started as architect and enjoyed, but now I'm a web developer which i love
José Miguel Malaca
José Miguel Malaca Engineer/Developer trying to follow the cake driven development :D with a big focus on Ruby and Ruby on Rails.


Luis Calado de Sousa

This is the type of Startup that makes me proud to work with. They have a high potential product that can be a huge worldwide success and the team is doing a awesome job adding value to it day after day. Every time I visit customers with them I got amazing feedback and Sofly is getting more and more interest from media companies - For sure this a Startup to follow in the next years.

Steven Kopec Advisor at SoFly

I have been working with the SoFly team for around a year now. I've found their product to be an excellent combination of a B2cr offering in their second screen app, as well as a B2B offering in their use of data and analytics to power audience knowledge for brands and channels.

Miguel Vicente

Sofly brings a rare combination of a brilliant idea, a big market opportunity ready to adopt it, a plan (and skills) to make it real, and an incredible team surrounding the project - as well as proven experience on the field. We've been following this project closely and can only reccomend it with the highest grade. And it is, of course, a great example of innovation "made in Portugal" ready to conquer the world ;-) One that we hope can inspire others to follow.

Michele Leroux Bustamante Advisor at SoFly

The SoFly team is rich in technology and business expertise. They are deeply in tune with their evolving business model and absolutely focused on delivering value to their customers. I'm very impressed with the team and their ability to execute.

Stephen Forte Co-Founder at Telerik

SoFly participated in the second batch of AcceleratorHK in 2013. The team worked hard, took direction well and had a solid execution. The product built was top notch.

Nuno Godinho Cloud Solution Architect - World Wide at Aditi Technologies

This is a brilliant team and everything they do is innovative and with an incredible quality. All there knowledge about Windows 8 Design, experience when join with a brilliant Windows Azure knowledge makes they unique in all the projects they do.

If you need quality and innovation this is the team to talk to.

Victor Freitas

I highly recommend the Sofly project that is truly innovative in terms of centralizing all types of TV content in a second screen device. The interface is fantastic and has an enormous potential to be adopted Worldwide.