Doug Sohn
Doug Sohn CEO Co-inventor of U-Dot, CEO of Sohn Systems

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I am the Los Angeles and San Diego Partner of the Founder Institute. In 2016, I was the director of the San Diego program. Doug Sohn and Sohn Systems graduated from our program in Winter of 2016.
The Founder Institute is very intensive, competitive and demanding, lasting four months, with detailed weekly assignments carefully scored by my team as well as the other members of the semester’s cohort. Doug was able to complete all assignments with high scores. Overall, I found him to be very coachable with strong leadership skills that enabled him to build a team and lead it through to successfully complete all our assignments and graduate. He has excellent presentation skills and was able to improve each week by listening to feedback from our panels of mentors. In my opinion, Doug would be very successful at taking the Sohn Systems team through the Techstars Starburst Space Accelerator.

I have worked with Doug over the years primarily as an adviser to him at CONNECT where we coach startup companies. Doug is very talented and is good at having a dialogue of pros and cons when their is a decision that has to be made.
I have learned that telling someone what to do deprives them of the ability to learn. Doug is Smart, Committed, and Loyal.
I highly recommend him.
All the, Best!