Jessica Shoemaker

It goes without saying that advertisers love millennials: the buying power, the social capital that they carry, the fact that they are young and can become lifelong loyalists. So if advertisers love millennials, what do millennials love? Music. But more than music, millennials love customization. They love discovery. They love shareability. This is what makes Songza unique from other players in the arena, and appealing, and highly monetizable. Curated just for you, for your mood at any particular time, by the people who know what you'd like. It gets smarter the more you interact with it. It's sticky; if you like a song, just share it with your friends--then they get hooked and the whole user base grows. It's highly targeted, and listening has proven an engaging medium for brands to reach users with their messaging. Songza has the right model to create customizeable campaigns that will reach the right users at the right levels--no question. It's a smart platform for investment.