Bryan Guin
Bryan Guin CEO Abstract thinker, entrepreneurial, analytical, and creative.


Bryan, Jackson, and Ian have put a significant amount of energy into creating Sparc Parking and the progress they've made in such a short amount of time is outstanding. I believe their progress is credited to the team, 2 UNC business students and a UNC computer science major who are passionate about creating a solution for a simple problem-parking.

I've had the pleasure of working with Bryan, Jackson, and Ian and they are dedicated to their mission, thoughtful in their processes, and open to learning from other mentors and entrepreneurs who want to see them be successful. In the short time I've known them (4 months) they've gone from an idea to an MVP that's currently on the market for beta testing.

I believe the team is dedicated to Sparc Parking and have the right characteristics to make this a successful startup.

This is a recommendation for Sparc Parking, a startup out of UNC-Chapel Hill. The company has been founded by three seniors at UNC-CH, all graduating in May 2020.

Sparc is building a SaaS solution that will allow owners of existing parking lots to rent out their parking lots or spaces on a daily or longer-term basis. Their initial target market is churches and other religious institutions. The idea is to provide a revenue source for unused and underutilized spaces nationwide. Sparc’s software will be able to track and manage the transactions. With companies such as Airbnb and other more recent funded startups that are addressing garage storage, etc., there is a proven business model for this type of asset rental.

The Sparc team is smart, hardworking and talented. Their idea is a good one with a solid value proposition. They have the potential to build a successful business and are gearing up now as they move towards graduation.