Funds 15k per team
Takes 8% equity
Offers 46 Mentors
Funds 100 startups per year
Markets Data & Analytics E‑commerce Energy Energy & Cleantech Finance 9 more
Invests in Europe North America Middle East Eastern Europe
Startupbootcamp is the global startup accelerator with 11 programs in Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Eindhoven, Istanbul, London, Barcelona and Singapore and a mentor and alumni network in more than 30 countries.

Each Startupbootcamp accelerator program selects 10 startups from more than 500 global applicants to join the 3 month program including €15,000 for living expenses, free co-working space, and over €450,000 in deals from partners such as AWS and Paypal.

Startupbootcamp's secret sauce is a global pool of 2500+ volunteer mentors who provide priceless value through coaching and connections to customers, partners and investors.


Andrew Shannon I run Startupbootcamp's Global from our HQ in London. Please get in touch if you have any questions about SBC!
Francisco Gutierrez Investment Analyst @ Startupbootcamp
Matthew Eisner Marketing at Startupbootcamp. Formerly: Touch Surgery,, Incident, Car & Driver, Ghostly Intl, UCalifornia, Berkeley, & UMichigan
Nikita Thakrar Geeky, likes data, loves accelerators and startups!
Sophie Donkin I am a sociable geek who get's excited about new digital tools
Dennis Albinus Online innovator high experience in startups
Dogan Taskent R&D engineer from former Bell Labs with a lot of finance and ops experience
Gene Murphy Entrepreneur with a passion for all things online.
Marc van der Chijs Investor and serial entrepreneur
Sean O'Sullivan engineer, serial entrepreneur, VC, co-coiner of term "cloud computing", etc

292 Startups

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£45–55K year • 0-2%
INR40–80K month • 0.25-1%
INR40–80K month • 0.25-1%
€2.5–4K month
€20–50K year
€20–50K year
€30–80K year
$500–700 month
€30–60K year
€30–60K year
€20–50K year
€25–55K year
€400–500 month
€30–60K year
€30–60K year
€20–50K year
$10–15 year • 0-2%
$10–15 year • 0-2%
€3–5K month
£19–25K year
€30–36K year • 0.1-3%
€3–6K year
$1–75K year • 0-8%
$1–2 year • 0.1-2%
€1–2 year • 0.1-2%
$1–2 year
€2–4K month • 0-2%
£1–2K month • 0.001-1%
€800–1.2K month • 0.02-1.2%
$15–20K year • 0.3-1%
$500–7K year • 0.1-0.5%
$500–6K year • 0.1-0.5%
$25–65K year • 15-20%
$25–50K year • 1-5%
$25–50K year • 1-5%
£70–80K year • 0-2%
£65–75K year
£45–55K year


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