Funds 15k per team
Takes 8% equity
Markets Advertising B2B/Enterprise Consulting Consumer Data & Analytics 36 more
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In Amsterdam we achieved a 95% funding of all the companies in the last 2 years. Why? Because we have raised the bar! Applying to and mentoring for our program is harsh. We are only looking for the best startups and the best mentors to maintain a high level throughout our program.

We are looking for:

* a strong passionate team with (at least) business development, coding and sales/marketing experience. Proven business experience is always an advantage. Startupbootcamp only accepts teams - not individuals - no matter how strong the idea, so make sure that all your team members are attached to the application!

* a workable idea that has business potential. You need to convince us that you understand the market and the direction you want to accelerate in.

* dedication. SBC is immersive. It's not a 9-5 job, it's certainly not something you can do part-time. You cannot combine it with studies. Reckon on full-time dedication, being present in Amsterdam full time in the spring of 2014. This is a 3 + 2 month program - 90 days working towards demo day, plus 2 months after with lead development and investor meetings. By filling in the application below, you will be entering the first selection round in our 2014 program.

Please be aware that all questions with a * are required. Questions without a red asterisk are optional, but help us get a clearer profile of your team and business idea.

Your application form will be kept confidential at Startupbootcamp Amsterdam for the sole purpose of selecting the final ten candidates. Please do NOT send any original materials or high security passwords. Some start-ups keep their videos private. So if this is password protected, please issue us with a password so we can view the content in Amsterdam.


Andrew Shannon I run Startupbootcamp Global
Marc Wesselink Started 12 companies, failed 4 times and as the Selection & Alumni Partner of Startupbootcamp I am continuously looking for good teams
Matthew Eisner Marketing at Startupbootcamp. Formerly: Touch Surgery,, Incident, Car & Driver, Ghostly Intl, UCalifornia, Berkeley, & UMichigan
Patrick de Zeeuw Co-Founder Startupbootcamp Amsterdam, Board member Startupbootcamp, Mentor IBM SmartCamp, Advisory board International Mobile & Gaming Startups
Sophie Donkin I am a sociable geek who get's excited about new digital tools


€2.4–5.5K month
€2.2–3.6K month
€300–500 month
€2.5–4.5K month
€2–5K month
$2.5–4.5K month
€20–50K year
€20–50K year
€20–50K year
€2–4K month • 0-2%
€20–40K year
€20–30K year
€20–30K year
€30–90K year
€30–50K year
€500–1K month
€25–35K year
€30–50K year
€30–40K year
€30–50K year


Bas Smeulders, SendCloud
recommended Startupbootcamp Amsterdam 2014
Philip @LivePlanit, Everest At Work
London or Amsterdam, interested in getting reviewed for March 2014 class in Amsterdam.