USC-Viterbi Startup Garage
USC-Viterbi Startup Garage
Funds up to $50k per team
Takes 10% equity
  • B2B/Enterprise
  • Hardware
  • Media
  • Mobile
  • Web
  • Digital Media
  • Enterprise Software
  • Internet

Early stage technology venture accelerator

USC Viterbi Startup Garage is a 12 week technology accelerator program that includes $50k in funding, space, strategic and financial resources and access to world-class mentors, and hands-on product, marketing, legal and fundraising support. Atleast one co-founder has to be a USC Viterbi Engineer or USC Viterbi Alumni graduated no earlier than 2003. less

Staff Suggest

Ashish Soni Leader  
Ethan Gromet Leader  

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Mary Wilner "I am pleased to recommend Alex Wormuth for the USC Startup Garage. I believe that Alex’s academic and intellectual prowess, his maturity, and his strong personal character make him an ideal candidate for the program. Alex was a top A+ student in my Computer Organization class this past term. I was very impressed by his technical abilities, performance and character. Alex volunteered many times in the class to share his thoughts on complex problems. I liked his creativity. He also volunteered to lead a team of 9 people for a presentation on the ARM processor. His desire to lead and vocalize his ideas is exemplary. Furthermore, he has a a very good grasp of challenging engineering problems and a strong determination and interest to solve them. Alex demonstrates honesty, integrity, reliability, punctuality and responsibility in his relationships with those around him, and is polite, caring and sensitive to their needs. As such he seems to be very well-liked and respected by many. "