Stephanie Feltus

Stephanie Feltus

CEO, Lifelong learner, expert matchmaker, Master's dietitian, who is passionate about helping busy families find a sense of balance.
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Omaha, US
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My Robyn

CEO @My Robyn • Co-Founder

A website matching busy families with professional household managers

Mommy Assistant

CEO @Mommy Assistant • Co-Founder

A matching service designed to help families maintain work life balance.

Amazing things Stephanie's made
I started an errand running business called Timesavers while I was in high school. I ran errands for 5 businesses after school and on the weekends. I invoiced the customers, kept track of deliveries, and upcoming deliveries and events. Timesavers was featured in the Midlands Business Journal which is a local business publication.

I am the founder and CEO of Mommy Assistant. Mommy Assistant was a service based business in Omaha where providers are hired and sent to busy families homes who need assistance with help around the house.

I participated in the Omaha accelerator, Straight Shot. My goal was to recreate Mommy Assistant into a scalable business, to help as many families as possible. By the end of the 90 days, I had rebranded to My Robyn (, built a "matching" website with a kickin' matching algorithm, on boarded more than 30 providers, and had started generating revenue from families looking for help. I would say that's pretty amazing.

Jeff Hanson

As a working Mom, experienced entrepreneur, and dietitian, My Robyn's founder, Stephanie Feltus, offers a depth of relevant experience to the growing space of matching families and individuals with providers of the most important household tasks. Additionally, Stephanie tenaciously and thoughtfully breaks through obstacles in moving her business plan forward. This combination of experience and attitude will continue to result in the creation of value at My Robyn for users and investors.

David Arnold

Stephanie is a tenacious founder that has the drive, intelligence, and diligence that's required to thrive in the early-stage startup world. I have worked with Stephanie first hand and would recommend her wholeheartedly.

Erica Wassinger CEO at Omaha Startup Collaborative

Focus. Repeatable process. Driven Founder. Those traits alone make Stephanie Feltus's company, My Robyn, a company I would bet on. She's leveraged every opportunity to grow and maximize her reach while pinpointing the path to scale.

Beth Engel

I'm proud to say I know Stephanie! She is giving her all for busy families! MyRobyn is totally the sidekick many families feel they need, but may not how to ask for help or make it work. Leave it to MyRobyn. As families grow, MyRobyn can grow right along with you. Stephanie has made MyRobyn a great place for providers to work, too. That is key to her success.

Nathan Preheim Advisor at My Robyn

With any early stage company you first bet on the founder, and then look at their business model. I'm keen on Stephanie. She's diligent, data-driven, and has the grit and determination required to persevere. When you look at the changing world, I have no doubt that more and more people will choose to work and parent. My Robyn will help families thrive in both categories.

Gordon Yager

During the past few years I have worked with over 150 would be entrepreneurs. Stephanie's drive, intelligence and personality move her right to the top of the list. I can't say enough good things about her!

Jaime Allmeroth

Stephanie is highly motivated and a self starter. She is extremely innovative, dedicated and follows through. She has excellent time management skills, and is very personable