Stuart Lansdale

Stuart Lansdale

Failed round the world cyclist, anthropology graduate, living in Bangkok!
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Bangkok, Thailand
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Pitcher @pitchXO • Co-Founder

Superpowers for your presentation - Know who views your slides, and which!

Amazing things Stuart's made
I have done a few things; cycled to Berlin at age of 15 with a friend from London, spent three months living in a remote village of Nepal. Cycled from London to Kiev in February (COLD) crashed. Cycled through India before crashing. Hitchhiked from Mumbai to Kathmandu (long way!). Got sponsorship to make the round the world cycle attempt happen. Helped launch three + startups in the service, fintech and SaaS sector. Been an AirBnB host without owning property and with this venture, my baby, have made it from nothing to over 200K USD revenue to date.

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Great idea for a startup! Good luck to you!

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Haven't yet used it, but it looks absolutely great. Maybe we will give it a try.