Thomas Rivet

Sungy makes concrete the vision that renewable energies are our near future. Leads by an enthusiastic and passionate business woman, Sungy is building a strong model which combines financial and technologies engineering.
Sungy bring us the Sun !

Vanessa KANGA

SunGy is what our world needs : A startup composed of SMART persons from DIFFERENTS cultures sharing STRONG values and hardly willing to work for a BRIGHT future.

Adrien Achard

The values and the concept of Sungy make of it, a dynamic and innovative company! Beautiful projects will soon be born! Myriam Fournier Kacimi is an energetic and passionate leader. I trust in the developpement of this company!


Sungy concept which combines financial & technical engineering to develop solar projects is the right idea at the right moment ! When you add that the concept is borne by Myriam Fournier Kacimi, an enthusiastic, passionate, charismatic and energetic leader, you do definitely believe in its future !