Suraj Fehintola

Suraj Fehintola

i'm a software developer, Computer Scientist, Founder of Life Guard Solutions,
General Engineer • Full Stack Dev
Lagos, Nigeria
  • Software Development
  • Programming
  • Software Design
  • Software Engineering
Life Guard Team

CEO @Life Guard Team • Co-Founder

Life Guard Solutions

Amazing things Suraj's made
Logistic(Pickup and delivery) Management system

Bashir Fehintola

Good app. Health is wealth

Abdul Quadri Babatunde

thumps up........worth supporting

I-sha Fehintola

very wonderful initiative....thumps up....worth supporting

Adesina Ademola

This guy/guys can make difference in health sector. I hope to see the app working. Fehintola can do it, I believe.

I-sha Fehintola

I recommend him,intelligent and worth supporting

Oguntola Elektron

A wonderful project. Worth supporting