Svetlin Saev

Svetlin Saev

Highly motivated and proactive senior software engineer
General Engineer • General Business
Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Software Development
  • Mentoring
  • Software Design
  • Software Development Methodologies
  • Team Leadership
  • Teamwork
Get A Table

Get A Table • Co-Founder

Real-time online reservation system for bars and restaurants

Slavy Slavov recommended Get A Table where Svetlin is Co-Founder
General Manager - Bulgaria, eCommera

I've worked with Svetlin while I was managing the Bulgarian operation of eCommera. Svetlin managed to shine from the very early days in the team. Even he was a contractor he was very proactive with great communication skills able to be a driving factor and quite demonstrated solid influence across the team. I'm confident that he has the business and technology approach to be a successful driver and contributor for a new company.

I also really like the idea behind Get a Table as a user who has suffered so many times to find the restaurant website, phone, get an answer from a noisy place and make a clear arrangement. This app would be from great help.

Zornitsa Tomova recommended Get A Table where Svetlin is Co-Founder
Co-Founder, ZenQ

My point of contact with the Get A Table team is Svetlin. A friend from high-school, he reached out for help with their application.

Over the last couple of weeks, I've seen lots of drive, leadership and collaboration in their team.

Since this is their first startup, there is no question the guys have a lot to learn. The reason I believe in them is that they know how to ask for help. They reached out with specific requests, followed up promptly on each commitment they made to me, took feedback seriously, coming back and showing changes based on our discussions. And learned fast.

I believe this strength in communication and building relationships is key to their team's potential to gain traction and fill the gaps in their experience.

Hope this helps - good luck with the new batch :)