Attila Bajári
Attila Bajári COO Always searching for something new, a doer, open to new things, lean, and always keeping focus on execution.
Évi Janotyik
Évi Janotyik Social Media
Ildi Nagy
Ildi Nagy Marketing Currently w/ UK top10 design agency learning communication, reporting & investor relations.
Zsolt Ihasz
Zsolt Ihasz


Barnabas Malnay partner at SmartWare.tech

Sybrillo is bent on building a product that satisfies a real need that GoPro and smartphone users have: to make great videos while moving quickly (like in a car or on a bike). Sybrillo-founder Dávid Mankovics is an auspicious combination of unshakable resolution and genuine openness, a combination that makes the best entrepreneurs. He has a strong vision that he won’t veer from, and yet he’s constantly attuned to receiving input from all directions and correcting his course when necessary. He hasn’t been on the entrepreneurial journey for very long but he has already shown time and again that he’s an extremely quick and thorough learner, and a person with a great attitude, great work ethic, and a real gift for motivating the people who work with or for him.

Arpad Zetenyi IT Solution Business Development Executive at Canon Hungary

Ever since the action camera market started booming there have been several ways offered to fix them to different places. Producing stable footage while being on a wild ride has always been a big challenge for those who are in love with speed. Not having smooth video is not only about loosing quality and making unprofessional impressions but it could mean additional effort and cost in post-production too. Wide range of stabilisers for regular cameras have been around for quite a while as an essential for media productions.
Sybrillo is not only aiming to be a perfect accessory for today’s well know action cameras but it offers a solution which turns almost every video recording device into an new generation gadget in a totally unique way.
Since the action camera market is predestined to reach 9 million units by 2018, it is safe to say that this device is right on time and already has a lot of advantages compared to other existing stabilisers.
Personally, I can’t wait to try it out...

Balint Toth

Sybrillo is a group of talented young entrepreneurs. The team participated at our mini-accelerator program, the Imagine Cup Academy and won the second place at the Imagine Cup Hungarian Finals. I loved to working with them because of the team's enthusiasm of their project, hard work attitude and professional execution.