Tanvir Sourov

Tanvir Sourov

Dhaka, Bangladesh

AgroVoyage • Co-Founder

A floating vertical agricultural farming solution

Socian Ltd.

CEO & MD @Socian Ltd. • Co-Founder

NLP company revolutionizing industries with conversational AI.


Tanvir Hassan Sourov (aka Tanvir Sourov) is a Tech Entrepreneur who has been working in the Startup Ecosystem for the last 9 years. He loves his country, the language in which people speak and believes in automating different tasks with the blessing of language. He works in numerous fields of Technology and specializes in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

He started his career as a Freelancer working in the Technology sector and was ranked 78 among all the Freelancers of the world. Later he focused his energies on different ventures and organizations. He joined Microsoft in 2014 and worked there as an Intern and Technology Manager. He also worked in a German-based Solar sharing company called Me Solshare as their App System Architect. He was also the CTO of RoadViserrr.

Later on, he started his Company Technolive which later helped in forming Socian Ltd. Socian Ltd is a Natural language processing company, Technolive which later helped in forming Socian Ltd.