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Tanya Suarez

Co-founder of IoT Tribe, the club where corporates and startups come together to do business.

Eskesso • Advisor

Eskesso allows you to make delicious food cooked to perfection every time

Briteyellow Limited • Advisor

BriteLocate3D Indoor Positioning and Navigation Platform

Leader at BluSpecs @Startup-Scaleup Unconfirmed

Startup Europe's IOT Accelerator

Amazing things Tanya's made
I co-founded Startup Scaleup, the Startup Europe IoT accelerator. We have a network of over 120 startups solving problems with smart home, ehealth and wellness, industrial and other IoT solutions. Founders from 132 countries were part of our programme with hubs in Dublin, Madrid-Cartagena, Vilnius and Zoetermeer.
I really enjoy my work as a moderating innovation panels or speaking at industry events (it's great to catch up with old friends and meet new people). I am a member several Advisory Boards on Start-up initiatives and am delighted to represent BluSpecs, the Innovation Agency I also co-founded, at the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation.