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Target's Selection Criteria

Application Due Date: Monday October 29th at 6:00PM Central Standard Time Target's Selection Criteria You're a next generation doer with an early-stage business that is going to turn heads. We are so happy you've made your way to this application and taken a step to further develop your product, service, technology, or even a new business model. Please see below for the five attributes we are looking for in an applicant. Better for people and the planet: At the heart of it, we are looking for participants and businesses that want to make the world a better place. Whether it is on a small scale or a global scale, we want to help those who want to help others. Early-Stage: We want to help businesses when they need it most, at the early stages of their journey. Target has been around since 1962 and have learned a bit along the way - we want to share our learnings and resources to help you achieve your own success. Change Makers: We recognize that the world is not always a rosy place. We are looking for people who see this as a call to action. Growth Mindset: This program is designed to help those who are hungry for growth opportunities and are not afraid to challenge and be challenged back. Growth is not limited just to the business - behind every venture is a hard-working entrepreneur, and we want to support you. Unapologetically Passionate: In the early stages of a business, sometimes your passion is what keeps things afloat. Your drive will be amplified when you join a group of passionate entrepreneurs who won't apologize for going after what they believe.

GTKY: Get to know you

We are so excited to learn more about you. Please answer a few short questions about yourself and what makes you so awesome.

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Nice to meet you! These next ones should be quick.

GTKYB: Get to know your business

Now that we know you a little better, we can’t wait to hear about your business. Please answer the following questions based on where your business is at today – we want to learn about what you’ve been working on! Psst, we define business as an early stage venture that provides value to a customer. That value could be a product, service, technology, or even a new business model. This does not have to be in exchange for money, nor does it have to be a business that has launched yet. All we ask is that you’ve established your business as a legal entity.

We are looking for businesses that aim to make the world a better place.

GTKYT: Get to know your team

Are you working with a team? That’s great! Tell us about them. Just a reminder, up to two people from your venture can be a part of the Target Incubator. If you’re riding solo, that’s great too!

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You did it! Thank you for applying – we can’t wait to read your application. Go enjoy the rest of your day. You will be contacted in November regarding the status of your application. Please check back on for program updates.