Kanako Matsumoto
Kanako Matsumoto CEO I am an immigrant, professional women who has an enormous entrepreneurial spirit that looks for ways to b build community


Eileen Harris

I can say, without reservation that Kanako Matsumoto is the hardest-working, most dedicated and intelligent individual that I have had the pleasure to work with and to know. Kanako most certainly is a high achiever who holds very high standards for herself and as such, always does exceptional work and, without fail, gets the job done.

Kanako’s strength of character and fortitude are demonstrated by the fact that she arrived in this country as a young person with a high school education, solely on her own, with her sights set on the professional opportunities available to women here. She proceeded to put herself through college, graduating with honors from the University of Washington and has pursued a successful career as a CPA.

Now, Kanako sees a new opportunity ahead of herself. With her passion, intelligence, professional experience and ambition I have no doubt that she will successfully make her vision of Task-KI a reality.