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Once again, Tech All Stars connects twelve of the best startups from accelerators and web camp competitions across Europe with top EU funding sources, successful entrepreneurs and networking opportunities. Tech All Stars is sponsored by the European Commission Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology and will take you to Europe's hottest startup events this summer.


Alec McCullie Co-Founder of PinPoint and SDA Bocconi MBA 2013
Alex Farcet Co-founder of Startupbootcamp, partner at Rainmaking.
Ashley Ricketts Tech All Stars - Startupbootcamp Intern
Daniela Lopes Program Manager Startupbootcamp Berlin Smart Transportation and Energy
Emily Shurey Marketer looking to change locations from Berlin to London
Sam Tims Tech Entrepreneur in Residence @ GTEC

25 Startups


£30–50K year
£12–50K year • 0-1%
$1–100K year • 0-1%
$1–100K year • 0-1%
$1–150K year • 0-3%
£30–50 year
£30–50K year • 0.4-2%
€28–40K year
$65–70K year
€1.5–2.2K month
£19–25K year


Global-leadership Partenariat, PITCH at Web Summit
” the 7 leaders recipients of the Certificate. The 7 leaders recipients are: Mr Mark Zuckerberg Chairman,Facebook. Mr Hans Vestberg, Chairman and CEO of Ericsson. Mr Stephen Elop Nokia President and CEO. Mr Lars Boilesen, Opera CEO Software. Mr Paul Jacobs, Chairman of the board and CEO of Qualcomm Incorporated Mr JK Shin, CEO and President of the IT & Motive Communications Division At Samsung Electronics. Mr Ming-Kai Tsai, Chairman of MediaTek. We intend to hold the ceremony delivery of these certificates during the Summit of Dublin planned from 4 till 6 November 2014. We identified you as a Strategic Partner for the conduct of the project. We are waiting for your reply to lead together as a partner this project during the ICT Summit of Dublin. Please receive, Dear , our best regards. Web page