Funds up to $120K per team
Takes 6% equity
Markets Mobile Web Start‑ups
The #1 startup accelerator in the world. Mentorship-driven seed stage investing for web and software companies....
The #1 startup accelerator in the world. Mentorship-driven seed stage investing for web and software companies.
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Jennifer Cabala Operations, Techstars
Kristina Getty Operations @ Techstars
Lauren Hine Startup Programs Operations @ Techstars
Techstars Techstars is the Worldwide Network that helps entrepreneurs succeed.

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Sahba Ferdowsi Mentor at Tractionboard

The best learning experience with a community culture unparalleled and invaluable for the startup community! Techstars is awesome!

Carrie Espinoza

I am the Director of Development for Hillsides, a 100 year old Pasadena charity that works with traumatized youth of the community and their families providing shelter, education and rehabilitation. Ava began working with Hillsides as an invited guest to join and develop H100, a division entrusted to build the next generation of awareness and support for Hillsides. She has been on the H100 Board from inception, 4 years ago, as social chair, developing the décor and concepts for our fundraising events. She is extremely creative and resourceful, a pleasure to work with and always conscientious of timing, budget and coordination. I recommend her as someone not only with a viable product in Hub36, but as a gracious leader who you will love to work with on a daily basis. Hillsides recognizes that Hub36 may be an easy and fun tool we can use to tout the hundreds of events we hold each year, and I look forward to piloting the project together.

Max Mellano Chairman at Moviefarm srl

I will love to be accepted from them..

Niv Abramovich CEO & co-founder at TriggerHood

Nikolay Pantsyuk машинист автомобильного крана at ХАЭС

Sean Fahey CEO at WindowMirror™

Techstars is an amazing incubator of emerging tech talent.

Adam Azani Co-Founder at Dual Shaker

John passion for dextr is amazing. He is the most hard working guy I know. I met John in the past as an open minded person and great character. Definitely can recommend him.