Hey there! Welcome to the Techstars application. We are now accepting applications for 10 programs: CITY PROGRAMS Final Deadline Chicago April 9, 2017 Kansas City April 9, 2017 Los Angeles April 9, 2017 London April 9, 2017 New York City April 9, 2017 VERTICAL PROGRAMS Techstars Adelaide Final Deadline April 23, 2017 For early-stage companies advancing applications in Internet of things (IoT), big data, sensors and robotics, with potential to develop and commercialize technologies related to the defense and security sectors. Alexa Accelerator, Powered by Techstars Final Deadline April 23, 2017 For companies advancing the state of the art in voice-driven technologies and interfaces as well as conversational artificial intelligence (ai). Techstars Atlanta, Techstars Atlanta, in partnership with Cox Enterprises Final Deadline April 9, 2017 This program is located in the epicenter of startup activity in the Southeast, providing entrepreneurs with the resources and network to build meaningful enterprise technology companies and enduring consumer brands. Atlanta shines as a model startup community, with active and exited entrepreneurs, as well as corporate giants, engaging with founders to help build the next set of disruptive technology companies. Techstars Internet of Things Accelerator Final Deadline April 9, 2017 For companies that are positioned to rewire the infrastructure of legacy industries with specific emphasis on software and artificial intelligence (ai), connected enterprise, smart cities, logistics, advanced manufacturing, healthcare, mobility, agtech, industrial automation, human machine interaction, robotics, industrial inspection, and preventative maintenance. Techstars Mobility Accelerator Final Deadline April 9, 2017 For companies building technologies and innovative business models that impact how people and goods move across all modes of transportation (including pedestrian). This encompasses a wide range of industries including automotive, trucking, transportation, smart city, energy, logistics, supply chain, and travel.

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We are a member of the GAN which is made up of 75 of the best accelerator programs around the world. If you are not accepted we can share your application with other GAN accelerators that may be interested in your company.