Funds $10K per founder
Invests in Africa
*Application for this programme is now closed.

Thank you for choosing to apply for The Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme, the flagship entrepreneurship programme of The Tony Elumelu Foundation.

The programme is a $100 million decade-long commitment to support African entrepreneurs and is open to young compelling businesses with strong market feasibility, clear financial models and run by capable teams....
*Application for this programme is now closed.

Thank you for choosing to apply for The Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme, the flagship entrepreneurship programme of The Tony Elumelu Foundation.

The programme is a $100 million decade-long commitment to support African entrepreneurs and is open to young compelling businesses with strong market feasibility, clear financial models and run by capable teams.
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Uwem Uwemakpan
Uwem Uwemakpan Building a thriving African entrepreneurship ecosytem


Godwin Deyisreal Financial Inclution at Fidelity Bank Ghana

Yes, I know TEF, I am beneficiary and the Ghana Hub Lead.

Haruna Dankiwo farming at cannan store

keep doing the good work ,For GOD is using you to give us hope and courage,GOD will give you more strength to do even greater and you are blessed.

Ademola Balogun Monitoring officer at IROKO Partners Limited

Awesome Entrepreneurial programme for Africans

Andrew Babre Farm Manager at BLUE DELTA FARMS

TEEP is all about creating the next generation of African entrepreneurs who will be equipped to take charge of African businesses. Highly recommended for anyone willing to roll the sleeves and take a dive into Africa's new and prosperous future.

Mox Maokisa

wow i am very touched and moved by the warm gesture teep is doing to entrepreneurs, cant wait for application window to start

Prince David

A wake-up call for other great sons and daughters of Africans. Our help is not from abroad, our help is from above. We've depended so much on International Aid; it's time for international trade. May the source of this great work never dry up.
God bless Africa.

Ogozi John Director of Administrations at TransitKonect

Excellent programme and unprecedented in the history of entrepreneurship in Africa. I strongly believe that this initiative will instigate real growth in the economy of the continent.

Isaac Jumba Co-Founder at Chagua Charity

Change is here for the young generation in Africa

Claris Bimwala

If Your Organization can help the African's living in western country start up expansion business in Africa. Thank you for help and vision take God bless and your family.

Claris Bimwala

Graham Crouch CEO at Tanzania Consult

What an amazing man to try and show how Africans can do it for themselves!

Léonce Tangouam

Great opportunity for youg african entrepreneur. The future of Africa also begin here

Kolawole Taiye

A quick search online about #TEEP actually opened my eyes to a world of possibilities out there. As long as I got an idea that's worth both money & time then I'm good to go. On this note, I definitely recommend myself.

Wycliffe Murunga Assistant de bureau at APSTA


The Guide Education Counselors

I recommend TEEP - Thank you Mr. Elumelu

John Onuoha Chief Servant at Lifegiver's Assembly

This is great!


My Mom once told me, "Son, You should never expect a stranger to come and build your own house, It up to you yourself to decide" for a moment a almost wondered did TEEP listen to our conversation? Kudos, Av very excited with this whole initiative. Its only we Africans Who Can Build Africa. I support TEEP initiative of transforming the face of Africa on a Global Map

Debbie Shalangwa Senior Banking Officer at ENDWELL MFBank


Sunday Abbas Manager at Ephybrand Nig. Ltd, kano

I sincerely salute the vision of TEEP for a great and uncommon idea focusing on empowerment, and creating job to the teaming youth Across Africa. It is a welcome idea to Africans. Thanks sir for the gift of your wisdom to our generation. I believe the best is yet to come. Cheers!!

Kehinde Olalekan Network Design Engineer at FibreCom Limited

Tolulade Ademisoye is a well focused ambitious youth, with very good analytic problem solving skill. An innovation per excellent. This is evident in his works. I believe in him and I believe in his capacity to revolutionize Africa with his innovative skills and ideas.

Paul Nathaniel

Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme is highly recommended for young Africa's entrepreneurs because is a programme aimed at harnessing the untap potentials in Africa. It absolutely imperative that every young entrepreneur in Africa join this programme.

Dabuo Joseph Co-Founder at DABSON INTEGRATED

The chance is closed for this year.Subscribe to the programme and keep track so you do not miss out the coming years. Refine your idea whiles you wait.Opportunity for all Young Entrepreneurs.Filling only the form is a learning process.

Olajide Odekanle

TEEP will brins out 1000 creative and passionate entrepreneurs in Africa.

Nwokocha Ugo

very gifted and creative.

Nwokocha Ugo

Kelechi (kaycee) is one of the most driven people i know. He's a very gifted writer and an innovative business mind person, always coming up with ideas and how to do things in a more easier effective way

Osaze Osakue

I want to greatly appreciate Mr. Tony Elumelu and other sponsors of the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme for their efforts in supporting start ups to become fledging businesses. It is a wonderful initiative that will help to revolutionize Africa's economy and raise up young entrepreneurs. More of these efforts will culminate in Africa emerging as a world power in the very near future.

Solomon Iseghehi

Ms Uju Ofojama, is an excellent Business strategist,achiever and an amazing strength in Mind. She is hard working, always very patient and wonderful heart to work with. So i recommend her to you please.

Onyelabuchukwu Benneth Employee at Dangote Cement

I have been taught by Mr. Davies and i know that with this kind of Platform, his ideas will make Africa great

Ologun Olakunle C.E.O. at Goggle Infotech Computer

Tony Elumelu is a visionary leader. though not meet one on one before, but I had his story how he started as a risk taker. and I believe I will meet him in this programme

Onyelabuchukwu Benneth Employee at Dangote Cement

You got an entrepreneur in this guy. Davies is very innovative. I strongly recommend him

Jean Claude Mafundisho Co-Founder at Lefco Agribusiness Food

TEEP ,ce programme créera des emplois aux Africains en Afrique ,donnera suffisamment à manger à tous, la bonne santé pour tous en un mot ramènera la valeur aux Africains en Afrique. Merci Tony Elumelu Foundation.

Jean Claude Mafundisho Co-Founder at Lefco Agribusiness Food

TEEP de la Fondation Tony Elumelu est équivalente au Plan Marshall des Américains aux Européens. Ici ,c'est notre Plan Elumelu pour l'économie Africaine. TEEP est plus objectif que le FMI. Merci à Dieu par Tony Elumelu.

Merson Traore Assurance at FAD assure

super trop cool les mots me manque

Anthony Micheni CEO at Helping Hands Home healthcare

Her initiative is worth support.

Lionel Egbe Co-Founder at UpLectures Team

This is a great initiative for all aspiring african start ups

Owode Adedeji

I hereby recommend Femi Kounty.. I have known him for about 10years and more. He has come from a very humble background and he is a young man who has a lot of passion, dedication and commitment to his cause... He is a man who can sacrifice all he has just to feed those that doesn't have any.. I have witnessed him give out his belongings on several occasions to the needy...
I am of the opinion that this young man is an entrepreneur extraordinaire and would be of great significance to the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme.

Morenike Asaju CIMA Adv. Dip. MA

A definite plus to the programme...


I kindly suggest if it can be extended just fr 2days. somebody like me ,i have almost completed the form which i could not as a result of not getting my permanent voters card on time , and my drivers license as expired and i do not have international passport.please extend it even for 48hours!----Lawani Gbenga

Lucia Ushie

I Mrs Ushie Urinrin Lucia hereby recommend Miss Judith Idogho for THE TONY ELUMELU ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAMME.she has a great passion for poultry farming,she is self motivated,self reliant and target oriented.please with the grant she will be able to achieve her dreams of starting her poultry business which she has been doing for some time now.If considered she will be able to create employment opportunities for some youths will excite me if she is shortlisted.Thank you for your consideration.

Christian Mevanza

Un programme qui initie l'esprit entreprise en Afrique mais c'est innovant ça !

Abeeb Ogunsola CEO at Evea Technologies

The time has come!!! For us entrepreneurs to come out there and create a change, by making a difference in Africa, thereby impacting the economy in a positive way. Our time has arrived…I recommend Tony Elumelu Foundation for those who wants to create change and making a difference.

Abeeb Ogunsola CEO at Evea Technologies

The time has come!!! For us entrepreneurs to come out there and create a change, by making a difference in Africa, thereby impacting the economy in a positive way. Our time has arrived…I Thank “Tony Elumelu Foundation” for creating a channel in which we can use to impact the society as a whole.

Abeeb Ogunsola CEO at Evea Technologies

The time has come!!! For us entrepreneurs to come out there and create a change, by making a difference in Africa, thereby impacting the economy in a positive way. Our time has arrived…I Thank “Tony Elumelu Foundation” for creating a channel in which we can use to impact the society as a whole.

Abeeb Ogunsola CEO at Evea Technologies

The time has come!!! For us entrepreneurs to come out there and create a change, by making a difference in Africa, thereby impacting the economy in a positive way. Our time has arrived…I Thank “Tony Elumelu Foundation” for creating a channel in which we can use to impact the society as a whole.

Kepseu Clovice

Great initiative. You cannot afford to miss this!

Odile Zoundi Ouattara

Give this opportunity in to the business of Patricia Zoundi Yao (QuickCash service) to help Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program in the extension in Western Africa. She has the potentialities.

Shaakaa Manasseh

A springboard to success!!

Lucius Unegbu Financial intelligence coach and Business dev. Consultant at Avenues To Wealth - Obyno

He is an astute business strategist and an exceptional leader.

Awotipe Emmanuel MD/CEO at Adeking Ventures, Ilorin

He is a complete entrepreneur of our time

Nzemeke Ifechukwude joseph

A big thanks to Mr. Tony Elumelu,You are buiding a strong Nigeria. May God bless you aboundantly.keep the light shining.

uwandulu Augustine


Anthony Abdullahi Khah

I know of only a few programs that seek to develop minds and incubate global business leaders. Only a few the African spread this program has given young African entrepreneurs.

Jussab U. M. Jussab COO at Moz Explore

If you are an entrepreneur you will know that this is What you need to fulfil your destiny so I only recomend this to the real entrepreneurs.
Thank you for the oportunity Mr Tony Elumelu

Chigozie Frances Ezeani


Safiya Mahdi Assistant(Admin) at Management Sciences for Health

This opportunity is great and a train not to be missed by the serious minded.

Wish the knowledge outlined here could be part of our schools curriculum, then we would be graduating well equipped individuals that can be self employed and even employers of labour.


I have had the courtesy of interacting with Bettirose Ngugi,one of the most passionate African Tech woman I ever met at Intel and at Jomo Kenyatta University where she has been a champion for girls to go into entrepreneurship and technology

Her latest venture, Jambocar promises one of the most of the most revolutionary solutions in the transport industry not only in Nairobi but African

When I asked her whether she considered her solution disruptive,this is what she told me "I consider a technology solution disruptive not for what it can do,but for the cash flow it will generate and Jambocar is way up"

From my past experience with her,I have no doubt that this disruptive

Irénée-Noël Babine

I have known Patricia ZOUNDI since we were students at the University of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso. She studied Law and was among the most outstanding and brillant students of her academic bacth.
During these years up to now, she has shown great skills in leadership

Jessica Arika

Recommended to help support especially the youth in Africa.

Chizy Ozzoude

I recommend Flo Ozzoude, a young graduate of Business Management. He is focused and his work ethics is very good.

Chizy Ozzoude

I recommend Flo Ozzoude

Tijjani Ado Employee at bussiness man

I submitted my application now, please acknowledge receipt, thank you

Nkem Joseph-Palmer Chief Meat Officer at SafeCuts

Nkem is a seasoned entrepreneur and a goal-getter! A very brilliant personality...he is someone I believe can achieve anything he sets his mind on!!! I recommend him for any leadership and business related endeavour, as I am confident he would make his mark!!!

Noel Djiehi

ma recommandation est la suivante qu'on tienne compte des souffrances du peuple africain et faire les choses dans la transparences ,choisir les plus désireux et pour la fin a vous Mr. Tony elumelu que dieu vous protège

Habib Hakeem

Pls Consider this application because this is a very talented individual

Nsikan Essien Benson C.E.O. at Netima Design and Beauty Academy

Great programme..............God bless the brains behind this. Kudos!

Reuben Onunga Project Engineer, Water at SMEC International Pty

This is a commendable venture regarding an idea whose approach is sustainable and Africa focused. I recommend the programme as the future impacts are clearly going to be massive.

Richard Angwenyi

We recommend the business plan to be developed in a simple and understanding for a non-specialist form without using narrowly specialized terms. It has to be consistent enough to embrace all major parts of the project, and at the same time it has to be relatively short to keep up the investors’ interest. For visual effects, we recommend graphs and diagrams. For the investor to get interested, the business plan has to provide proof that the planned data will be achieved. Business plan has to be done correctly, accurately and in a simple form for reading for the impression not to turn against you.

Maduabuchi Benjamin Eze

best innovation for Africans

hopeukamaka okeke


Suraj Fehintola CEO at Life Guard Team

This programme is a great Life changer that can make a dream come through. Good to be here and hoping to see more successful applications from this platform.

Ademola Raheem, ACE

Put your feet up on a fast track In 0rder to achieve set targets.

Ademola Raheem, ACE

Put your feet up on a fast track In 0rder to achieve set targets.

Gerald Holdings

I thank God for this wonderful opportunity given to me by God through hands of TEEP foundation, this kind of opportunity goes to those who pray hard and wait the reply of their prayer. I have tried hard to connives some investors and NGOs but I end up landing to the hands of scams. its my first time to hear a foundation in Africa willing to help other fellow African who are struggling to make ends meet. May God bless this wonderful gesture by TEEP foundation. AMEN

Edem Adragni

Jonah Yankson


got a business idea and you need help financing or starting up ?? sign for th Tony Elumelu entrepreneurship programme

'Bendozy Ijeomah

I believe TEEP would serve as an avenue to encourage young African entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams.

ahmed abdelaziz

great programme

Ahmed Hamdain

Great Program

john kabugi Co-Founder at ideal food supplements

John Kabugi is a wonderful person to work with, he is a cheerful man who works long hours without a problem, he is sharp and of high integrity a very good man and a team player who is both outgoing and resourceful.
I have known John for more than 15 years and its my delight to have a chance to recommend him to your organization. Thank you .
Ester Ally Mtwalizya.

john kabugi Co-Founder at ideal food supplements

I wish to recommend mr john Kabugi to you. He is hard working man, focused and a great trainer. I have learn t a lot from him in the 6 months that i have worked under him as a management trainee.
Jasmine Mmary.

Alamutu Mofolahan

A platform for realizing your entrepreneurial dreams!

Nwokeohuru Ejyke

My recommendation is that Beneficiaries of this programme should contribute toward empowering other people coming after them and proper follow up should be carried out to help monitor businesses assisted through this means to avoid distractions and misappropriation of funds by beneficiaries.

Mercy Murithi Co-Founder at Tanzania Listings

Tope is a very reliable and committed person with a lot of passion for entrepreneurship.

Kevin Ekhalufoh

TEEP is a good platform for budding entrepreneurs to harness their talent

Odalonu Raymond Chibueze

I strongly recommend that a naira symbol should also be placed in the numerical values option cause not everybody understand the dollar economy.

Ezechukwu Assuzu

Highly recommend to Start-Up and Sme absolutely recommend this program.

unisex apparel enterprises

this is a very good program me for the youths

Oghenekevwe Oghiagbepha

This programme will really bring Nigeria to the fore and enhance our economy

Emmanuel Faith

it is a very genuine to start up ones business

Pius Muturi Marketing at Liberty Events & Contracts Scaffolding

something worth trying

Nina Odim

I recommend EL Flytown for the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme knowing full well he will touch lives with his music. He is very dedicated and passionate about it.

Edem Adragni

Roger Adragni

Linus Stanley

Its really nice

Eno Essien CEO & Founder at EnZee Clothings'

This is a total breath of fresh air! This is what Africa needs. A great uplift for the growth and development of the nation.



Marian Mutumba-Ssali

Having helped working on the farms just when the land was acquired, Marian has a strong head on her shoulders and a commendable business mind - foreign investment funding is not easy to come by for Africans in Africa and as a returning woman from the Diaspora I think this programme would be great for a business like hers.

RosyCrown Rosyboy

Indeed am an Entrepreneur in the making

Ifechukwude Ofili

A sincere move by a true African to answer to the plight of our people, who have for generations been feed with fish, be taught and supported to do the fishing by themselves. Let others who have the means emulate him. I sincerely recommend him to all true African.

He need to be honoured for thinking along this line. May God continue to bless you,Sir.

AHIMBISIBWE INNOCENT Co-Founder at Ama Uganda ltd

yes i recomend him

Adetiloye Dayo Managing Director & CEO at Patiladwonder Investment Limited

This Programme by Tony Elumelu has added value to the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Africa. Kudos!!!

Hery Zo Rakotondramanana Co-Founder at Nelli Studio

This definitely is a great initiative for leveling up a significative number of African entrepreneurs. Thank you for setting this up and looking forward to networking and making global impact with this program

kelvin macharia

Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely

Aduloju Charles

This is a great platform to exhibit that idea/talent of creativity and innovation in you. I recommend this programme to all well-meaning and aspiring entrepreneurs who believe in the African dream of Prosperity..

Lasisi Ibrahim Industrial Training at Nigeria College of Aviation Technology Zaria

Dear Sir,

Having schooled with Obiodunukwe Ebuka Francis. I write to recommend him for the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme. As my class representative, he demonstrated good leadership in various ways and organized tutorials that helped all his classmates, including me, excel in our academics.

Lasisi Ibrahim Industrial Training at Nigeria College of Aviation Technology Zaria

Dear Sir,

Having schooled with Obiodunukwe Ebuka Francis. I write to recommend him for the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme. As my class representative, he demonstrated good leadership in various ways and organized tutorials that helped all his classmates, including me, excel in our academics.

Michael Gathu Co-Founder at FlexiSoko

Chidi Odinanwa Co-Founder at Happy Deals Enterprises

This is the most laudable initiative I have come to terms with.

Bryce Eric

This Platform is an exciting resource that promotes the brilliant minds of young entrepreneurs in Africa, I highly recommend

Adekunle Ayobami

Olayinka Omotayo is a great guy who never give up when driven with passion. He see a problem and proffer a solution instead of complaining about the problem.

Mary chidi Madubuike

As a Masters Degree holder in Administration, a member of the Chartered Institute of Administration and a Fellow of the Institute of Administration of Nigeria. Am speaking from the point of Administration and as an Administrator, a Team leader, a Motivator and a very resourceful female Nigerian I highly recommend myself to be part of this Programme. Cheers

Fredrick Aiguh

I recommend any enterpreneur with ambitions of becoming a global player in provision of products and professional services to apply with TEEP for financial assistance to actualize their dreams

Akintunde Akinyooye

I think this is a good initiative

Fabienne Eba

The deadline is soon. The application is also in French and it is open to everyone. So give it a try. We never know. You have until March 1st to complete your application. Easy to fill out too. You will need about 3 hours focus time.

Kelex Njoku

The world would soon be a better place, we would continue to emulate this kind of gesture.

Kelex Njoku

The world would soon be a better place if we would continue emulate this kind of gesture.

Chukwunomnso Muoka

Great concept for African youth development

unisex apparel enterprises

All Nigerian youth do not fail / refuse to apply for these wondeuful, positive programme

Timothy Mayor

You have an Idea? You think you can make a difference? Check out the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme (TEEP), and take the chance to make your ideas reality!

Emile Simb

good for you my freind

Max Mzito Markting Manger at PBE Design Agency

It is a good opportunity

Maxwell Onyeka Moagua

Dear Sir/Ma,

My name is Moagua Maxwell Onyeka I am the Chief Executive Officer of Trinity Computer College. I am writing to recommend Obiodunukwe Ebuka Francis for the award of the Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship grant.

Having assisted in running my business during the holidays of his undergraduate degree programme, I believe he has acquired a wealth of experience useful for the establishment and operation of an ICT institute and cyber cafe.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours Faithfully,


Onyekachi Paul Chief Strategist at Megaboost Corporation

This opportunity is nerve cracking, one that every aspiring and practicing entrepreneur should buy into as it avails us the opportunity to be part of a global hub of entrepreneurs. I am glad to have registered, and will be most privilege to be part of the 1000 to be chosen into this giant strides.

Big ups to the Tony Elumelu Foundation and its Chairman for creating this amazing platform.

Akindele Segun David

There is more to life than mere serving an organization/Institution that is privately runned by another man. This Sir Tony Elumelu enterprenuership programme to me sounds to be a bold initiative/ideas that is geared towards the liberation of the global unemployment explosion that kept rampaging all the state of Africa. To this effect i stand to be an exceptional Africa entrepreneur soonest. God bless Africa!........... Kudos to sir Tony

michael eboh

This is indeed a very wonderful opportunity for real people who seek for showcase their talents. Avail yourself of this opportunity and change your life for better.

Efefiong Akpan Employee at Screenplay Writing ,Gbakanda Productions

This is one clear visioning opportunity to fine tune talents, build industry and grow economy, therefore social security in Nigeria. It is unique.

rogers munyira

why not u

Alayande Babatunde CEO at Agrodextrous Services

It feels good to be part of this programme...Thanks to the Foundation Team ...God bless you all...*Happyyyyy!!!

Idelson Rui Tecnico at mcel • Moçambique Celular SA • Página Oficial

Trabalhador honesto e inovador.

Idelson Rui Tecnico at mcel • Moçambique Celular SA • Página Oficial

Trabalhador, serio e honesto. Tem muitas habilidades

Risikat Temidayo Co-Founder at j omega nig ltd

am adeyemi risikat, an applicant to tony elumelu foundation, i want you all to pls recommend me to tony elumelu foundation thank you all

Euloge Ahmed Sare CEO at AIDES

Très peu d'africains connaissent Tony Elumelu. Vous gagneriez à connaître ce qu'il fait. Si chaque Milliardaire africain fait comme lui l'Afrique sera émergent dans 15 ans.

Christianah Ajala COO at Heyes-Cole Services

I am a young lady with a flair for business. I have started a few businesses but due to lack of adequate knowledge, effective mentoring and much needed capital, I had setbacks.
This program, for me, is giving me another chance to realise my dreams and take my rightful place in the business world and the whole world at large.
I am hopeful about the efficacy and the viability of the gains therein. Seeing that there is a man and many others (mentors) eager to give back to the society is enough encouragement for we up and coming entrepreneurs.
I hereby recommend the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program for anybody and everybody that believe they have something substantial to offer the world through their entrepreneurial ideas and their businesses.
Let's change our land together. With TEEP, we can live our dreams.

Joseph Joyce

This is the change we seek in Africa. "Teach how to catch fish than given fish" Welcome Development to Impact the next Generations.

Monday Olu Farm manager labakulli farms at Demsa adamawa state

Nigeria economic boom lies in Agriculture, this is a task on agricultural rebirth and concerted efforts to revamp the agricultural sector to curb youth restiveness, starve off famine and ensure long – terms food security.
Agricultural mechanization is part of agro-industrial development, can play a key role which should be supported and financed to curb food insecurity , enhance large scale production and help Nigeria reach self sufficiency in rice production.
So as to ban total importation to gross exportation increase the country’s agricultural GDP, diversity revenue base , as dominant employer for labour, brings urbanization, contributing to local and national prosperity so as to realize the target to achieve Millennium Development Goals which is number ONE priority in the country.
where large quantities are imported to meet demand at huge cost, Africa Consumes a total of 11.6 million tonnes of milled rice per year and Nigeria consumers over 365 million naira of imported rice

Temesgen Aseffa

am so interested to be one of the entertainer to use this great idea of tony elumelus foundations program, i don't went to lose this good chance. please tell me how can you help me?

nwaka Mwaisango

It has been a wonderful privilege for the poor to get chance where he/she can see the light to grow big. With such kind of spirit, i believe the founder and the team have well wishes to participants in the program.Thank you,and May God keep you alive to the time indefinite!

Olusegun Shomefun

I recommend and endorse myself as being eligible for this Programme.

Effiong Okon Co-Founder at Tush Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Services

A great platform for helping the next generation of Entrepreneurs.

Courage Olumide

Olabisi Odewale studied Computer Science. She is married with three kids (a twin set and a single). Her creativity and passion for beautiful things is why she does what she does. She has an eye for beauty in a most unusual way.
Amazingly, the way she treats persons reflect in the way she respond to making things beautiful and making beautiful things.
Some three years ago when she told me she wanted to start making money with her passion, I gave her multiple nods.
I am impressed by her relentless zeal and pursuit of her passion. She carries Exquisite Décor with her wherever she goes.
I therefore recommend her, and very strongly.

HIEN-KOUAME Christelle

l'idée de ce programme fait des naître des ambitions et nourrit des initiatives entrepreneuriales

Edet-Utan Olukemi Program Manager, HCHP at HealthSure

This is an opportunity of a lifetime for every entrepreneur to be heard. Thank you TEEP

O K Richards Ogundipe AD-HOC STAFF at INEC Nigeria

This is definitely a positive program that will be contributory to the developmental aspirations and empowermnt of our government and the people ...

thulani khoza

i would love to recomend Thulani khoza to be on the programme as well thanks

thulani khoza

one of the best motivational speakers in africa from the streets to being an academic with three degrees and 14 certificates. i recommend Thulani khoza

Spegi Leye CEO at Potalina

TEEP is the crème-de-la-crème of African innovation and entrepreneurship!
Stanop International Nigeria

Ogunshola Isaac ENACTUS Student (fedpoffa) at federal polytechnic offa

I here by recommend Tonny Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme (TEEP) to every entrepreneurs across the Africa Continent.
This is a place where you can get a rightful answer to that your question of HOW DO I RAISE CAPITAL TO THIS MY BUSINESS!!!!
Kudos to #TEEP

thulani khoza

No general can fight his battles alone. He must depend upon his lieutenants, and his success depends upon his ability to select the right man for the right place.

thulani khoza

An excellent motivational speaker, who has worked for big and highly esteemed companies in South Africa. Landing his first job in 2009 at MTN as a programmer, and then proceeded to SABC as system analyst. In 2010 he became an entrepreneur, and he secured his first contract at Neotel as a technical advisor installing base stations. He has offered information technology (engineering) services to all sectors especially in the mining sector. He has built a good relationship with Pepsi, DHL, Mac Steel, and KempstonGroup; sub-contracted in the logistics department. He has provided IT services in government hospitals and schools in different regions such as Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Limpopo and North West.
Thulani khoza is a motivational speaker going to all the high schools challenging them bout life and not to give up with his life story at the radio station called kasie FM 97.1 to motivates listeners.

thulani khoza

He serves as a Chairman of NEPSAGROUP, specializing in project management, telecommunications infrastructure, transport, mining and property investment.

thulani khoza

He is one of the youngest entrepreneur who is bring change in our economy

Andrew Luyanga

if its good why not support it,this will help us develop our nations and be more independent

Sokoya Olusola

I know Mr. Idowu Abiodun to be a young man, with a lot of zeal, focused and passionate about entrepreneurship. His skill as a young man, his intellectual creativity, agility and capability will speak for him always.
I therefore has no hesitation and reservation to recommend him to your foundation.
I will be glad if his matter is given the necessary and utmost attention.

Ahmad Bala Employee at AGRIC DEV BANK

Right thinking. Empowering the Nation.

Onochie Agbojei

I sincerely recommend this laudable programme for every young entrepreneur in Africa.

Onyemachi Psalmz

he is a great friend,an individual with passion.easy going and a person who looks out for all

Onyemachi Psalmz

he is diligent, hardworking, trustworthy and disciplined

Christine R. Nagadya

Great Programme

Goitseone Chokwe

I recommend that the project get funding as the people in Shakawe's lives will be uplifted. There is no economic activity there but fish is abundant. The people there don't have the means of taking the fish to consumers. Marine Fisheries & Distribution has come at the right time.

Hardeihorlar Hardeybisih Reporter/Producer at Acbn

Didi Sparkle Employee at Didisparkle Accessories

Didisparkle accessories simply stunning

Jeremiah Kaigarula Co-Founder at Agritech Tanzania Limited

Hi, are you interested with business ideas which have not yet began?

Thabang Mosena Co-Founder at Company Name

Stupendous, really! I enjoyed every moment of it.

LEVY WASWA Managing Director at Biodate Scientific Africa

An inspirational leader with a great drive to succeed. I recommend him for the program.

Monster Ralph Web/Software Developer at Scrinarts Studio

i recommend waswa for the opportunity

Douglas Rugano

I recommend Jacob for being an outstanding and passionate innovator who focuses on changing our society. Wish him all the best

Paul Obuke Omu

I highly recommend this programme for all entrepreneurs who are struggling to make it in the business world, this is a platform where you can acquire priceless knowledge to develop you and your business effectively.

Blessd Brian

Get a Start up Capital for your business through the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme. So work on your business plan or idea and you might be one of 1000 African Entrepreneurs to benefit from this programme.Look it up! Don't miss out!

Stephana Anyike

Miss Belema Alagun is a very optimistic, purpose-driven and focused being. She's energetic, hardworking and always strives to be better and for that I admire her greatly. I recommend that she be accepted not just for her academic excellence but also, because she has an incredible personality.

Fidelis Adams CEO at MYPADY.COM

What Nigeria needs for growth is entrepreneurs. Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme has set the pace. Thank you for this opportunity. This is the kind of leadership we need.

zion Adeoye

Belema is a natural when it comes to birthing and following through on great ideas. I have seen her excel in this area time and again. She definitely merits a slot on the TEEP to develop that one great innovation she's been hiding away.

Geoffrey Kamundi Founder, M.D & Chief Developer at Digital Geeks

My deepest regards to THE TONY ELUMELU FOUNDATION. You will rely help many aspiring entrepreneurs to realize their dreams.

Okorie Base-p CEO & Founder at BASE-P INC.

I recommend myself

Abdoul Wane

Le Programme entrepreneuriat Fondation Tony Elumelu

* Les candidatures sont ouvertes à partir du 1er Janvier 2015 au 1st Mars, 2015 * Merci de vous inscrire au programme Entrepreneurship Fondation Tony Elumelu, le

Free-dah N Uusiku Employee at Lizz Evalen

I can not sent my application through , please i need help

Junaidu Husaini Junaidu Husaini assalamu ailaikum baya gaisuwa ta addinin muslunci xuwa garekuh yan ahlissun nah jbws jos jama,atul at J.I.B.W.I.S

he is very hard working, prolific and trustworthy, he has worked with me for 24months before

Matthias Ajose

I strongly recommend Tony Elumelu Enterpreneurship programme to any serious minded Enterpreneur-to-be. You'll be glad you did!

Timothy Esu Co-Founder at Goldmine Creche and Schools, Calabar

This is a sure way to strengthen the African economy through the utilization of the great minds that abound herein. We will NEVER have to go beyond these shores for "greener" pastures. Let all well-meaning Africans pull resources and push projects such as this they will be better off for it seeing the Continent blossom in their twilight days. I believe in Africa!!!

Ojiako Chidinma applicant at Internal Auditor's

I highly recommend the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme. This is another opportunity for all African young Entrepreneurs to rise up and take their destiny in their hands.

Uchenna Iwuajoku Co-Founder at U-Corp Innovative Solutions Limited

Guys fill in the form and keep your fingers crossed.

Ude Chidinma Employee at B-centre


Patrick Patmat


I would encourage more youth to apply for this programme because if admitted, if will be a life changer.

I want to thank Mr. Tony Elumelu for this initiative and again to that the foundation for this opportunity they are granting the African youth.

Having send my application, my fingers are crossed that I will make it in the list of successful applicants.

Thanks & Best Regards

John Uzo Co-Founder at GWG

Easy application process
Good communication with applicants and followers alike

Badmus Ridwan

this is a best way of creating job opportunity


Today, I just completed my application and submitted my application successfully. I really appreciate your efforts. Please keep it up.
Please kindly acknowledge receipts.

Oluwasegun Ajayi

I hereby recommend Mr. Ajayi Oluwasegun Temitayo for your programm on Entrepreneurship programme. He is very skillful in his God given unique skill of interpreting for the deaf. thanks you.


I really recommend your efforts for assisting startups to establish and implement their talent (BUSNESS IDEA) in Nigeria and Africa.

Doing such kind of training for enterpreneurs and by assisting them with Capital whether through loan or grants so that they can establish something beneficial to them, employing youth, economic development, reduce poverty and UN employment. Please keep it up.

Melitus Ifeanyi

great opportunity for the aspiring entrepreneur in Africa.

J.P Obienugh

Startups in Africa looking to hit the ground running must be a part of Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme. I highly recommend this!



Lila AK


Yaw Ansong CEO at LoveRealm


Robert Rweyemamu Tutor Doctor at AMOTC Mbeya

This is the most influential program for the African youth with ideas for entrepreuership to Invest in Africa. And the most interesting part it is an philanthropic action Tony O. Elumelu who is an African Child. Its my believe it will touch the lives of many youth and empower our continent economically. I recommend all the youth to apply and let their dreams be nurtured as they grow to become Africa next pronounced investors.

Bertin Ikoumbou Ikoumbou CEO at BIO NATURA GABON

je suis déterminé à mettre en place mon entreprise pour combattre la pauvreté,la famine et participer positivement à l'édification du continent en créant de la richesse

Charles Obera Team Leader, People Management at EXTERRAN NIGERIA

I have known Dr. Elizabeth Adejo for over seven years to be a hardworking and entrepreneurial minded family physiccian who will spare no time in educating her patient on the need to stay healthy and maintain a healthy life style. Her passion for this very rear field in medical practice couple with the frightening statistics of deaths in middle aged/middle class to upper class population makes me believe that an investment in Dr. Adejo to carry on the campaign for healthy life style will be an investment is the right direction.
A healthy nation is a wealthy nation. Encouraging Dr. Adejo via sponsorship of her pet project will help save at least 10 Nigerians per annum from avoidable death caused by unhealthy life style and death caused out of ignorance.
I strongly recommend her to the considered for funding, sponsorship and in whatever way that the Tony Elumelu Foundation can assist in supporting this young and enterpreneurally minded Dr. Elizabeth Adejo.

Your sincerely
Charles Obera

Ell Francis CEO at Fanchuz Farms and Foods Ent

Let this programme continue

Ell Francis CEO at Fanchuz Farms and Foods Ent

Your programme is wonderful. please keep it up

Njoku Chibuike Manager at Dochase

This is Great,
God bless TOE

Papis Ka

Belle initiative africaine. Quand on srt du lot de par sa fortune, aider les autres doit etre le prmier reflexe des riches sensés. Seule l'afrique peut aider l'afrique. Bravo a cette initiative. Bonne continuation.

Titus Akor

To excel in an environment that offer new challenges and variance of opportunities. Utilizing my strong and practical intellectual abilities towards adding value in a diversified workplace ultimately ensuring customer satisfaction.

Ojabe John Data Distributor Clerk at Cadbury Nigeria Plc

hello to u all

Ehidiamen Amaihian

I sincerely appreciate this giant stride by Tony Elumelu Foundation to bring together start up a tool for empowerment.
May the good Lord continue to enlarge his coast(Amen).

Tunchie Scott Chief Executive Officer at Projekt 95


Ajayi Olaniran Employee at Solomon Kesington Agro-Allied Limited

Provisions for beginner with prospect of greater tomorrow

Kampamba Sinkala

Am glad for this Entrepreneurship program, it will change lives for a lot of people and it is my prayer that i may be one of the people to change people's lives.

Achille Arouko Lead Dev at ROOMLIFY

Let's take care of our continent, we're the ones who can develop it, so let's go. Let's startup

Olanrewaju Samuel Olusegun

If truly you desire to control the economy, be an employer of labor and to have positively impact on Africans, home and abroad. you need to join the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program.... #teep

Ologun Olakunle C.E.O. at Goggle Infotech Computer

This is a good programme for new and existing start up entrepreneur. Tony Elumelu God will continue to empower you better.
In this such a foundation he will touch so many life

Bon Ndu Osonwanne

This is such a great program to kick-start ventures and startups based in Africa. Thank you Tony Elumelu and Foundation team!

Victor Mbeja

hi guys recomend victor adeya mbeja to the tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program

Jeremiah Emmanuel Loan Officer/Loan Processor at ASUUP Loan & Company

I should be recommending blessings upon blessing for Mr tony elumelu

Justin Shirima

This is briliant idea and correct to transform Africa through a sustainable means

Olalekan Peter Adare |MNSE | MIEEE | COREN Regd

I have known Seun as a brother and a friend, since 1994. He is smart, intuitive and shows a high level of commitment to his work. He has a way of easily motivating himself while motivating his peers. He exhibits a high level of intelligence both orally and practically. He is disciplined,efficient and organised in his work. He is very reliable, unassuming, full of potentials, a group performer and ready to learn from both his peers and superiors. Incisively, he is a man of vision who always sees how some things can be done differently with higher efficiency. Therefore,I recommend him for the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme

John Onuoha Chief Servant at Lifegiver's Assembly

This is a great program especially for youths in Africa.

moses wangatiau

does not accept submission, recommends for revenue and volume breakeven. Cannot understand it

emmanuel akinwale CEO at aquapro

great initiative from africa

Ais Osa

It's a welcome initiative. Now, there is no limit to how far your business can grow. I recommended TEF to individual entrepreneur seeking growth and expansion opportunity.

SkeepInt'l CoLtd Platform Executive at Skeep Int'l. CO. LTD.

This initiative by Tony Elumelu is quite laudable and highly commendable. I encourage every enterprising individual to avail oneself of the opportunity and equally cease the opportunity to commend the people who have put it together as a means of empowering others. I say thank you and God bless.


AHIMBISIBWE INNOCENT Co-Founder at Ama Uganda ltd

I thank you very much for that program, please keep it up .God bless you sir.

Maurice Nwaodu


augustus nnamdi areh

very innovative

Mpanda Shamukale Kidang'ala C.E.O at My own boss that ma dream,U?


Gaitano Mangeti

It's just good that one of our own has seen Africa at large and come out to assist Africans who has that idea of entrepreneurship, we as Kenyans we have the idea but we lack support and training, and now our prayers has been answered through Tonye Olumelu I just thank you in advance.

Omatseye Mofe

i recommend this program, cause it seems small now, but in the next five years it will be the one of the greatest organizations in africa and around the world, i am already a part of this great revolution, so help me GOD!

Babalola Olugbenga Instructor at Federal college of forestry mechanization afaka kaduna state

what a privilege ; please maximize the opportunity and apply.

Ayuba Ibrahim Registration at Ebomi

Hurry start creating not seeking Jobs

Ayuba Ibrahim Registration at Ebomi

if you have a passion for Africa and believe you can do it then this is for you

scholar exporter


Chris Misoya General Manager at BIFAM

This is the opportunity to strengthen Africa's fragile economies especially countries in sub Saharan Africa.

Solaogun Olusegun Project Director at Firstway Bookshop

Do you have business idea, new business or growing business? Have you been battling with how to get fund for your business? Are you capable of managing budget, business operations and employees effectively? This is the best time and huge opportunities for you as an upcoming entrepreneur in Africa. Tony Elumelu Foundation has launched an entrepreneurship programme capable of revolutionizing African economy .This is a tremendous asset for people with entrepreneurial mindset. The sky is the limit. Don't miss it. The application portal for Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship program is now open. Please do not hesitate to visit Apply now

Nsangu Phiri

Its only by Entrepreneurship programs like TEEP that will come close to eradicating poverty in Africa as it will produce long lasting investments that will provide employment for the unemployed.

Ariel Djomakon

This is the first African-led Entrepreneurship Program for all the 54 African countries! And will be running over the next 10 years. It's the jackpot for any aspiring African entrepreneur.

Anthony Olisa Jr. Impact Ambassador at Impact Your World Leadership Initiative

This is it...
Change is here

Aci Blankson Operations at Acorn Logistics Limited

I recommend this program to all entrepreneurs and would be entrepreneurs to develop that which is in you for the benefit humanity

Dave Chiaka Managing Director at Chronus Travels & Tours

Its finally here, join the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme and apply for a grant to support your dream project #SME

Geowow G OG Administrator at 'juabar'

Enlightening Minds!

Stella Nakatudde Co-Founder at Ella Solutions Limited

Hello African Entrepreneur! Tired of admiring Silicon Valley start-ups that are funded by American billionaires to bring their dreams to life? Mother Africa has birthed its own billionaire philanthropist, Mr. Tony Elumelu, with $100 million for grabs!! If that doesn't excite you, you are not an entrepreneur.

Nnamdi Aja


Nkwuka Chiedu Head (Engineering) at Theokaris Technology Services Limited

This programme is one of the emerging solutions to the entrepreneurship needs of Africa...Africa, this is your time...

Victor Moinina CEO & Founder, 11th Eco-Generation Regional Ambassador at Forum for the development of young people

Vera Gold Co-Founder at Every Woman Fitness Center

This is an opportunity that is first in Nigeria, it is an opportunity filled with hope and goodnews.

Tunde Aguda Lead Web Developer at WebRelated Consulting

It's amazing how much impact the #TEEP promises to offer to the African Entrepreneurial Ecosystem considering that it is a very first attempt. One thing is certain,Africapitalism is about to make history all thanks to Tony Elumelu's vision .............

Kennedy Akhene Chief Executive Officer at Hive Africa

Every aspiring Entrepreneur with vision, must be a part of Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme. I highly recommend this!