Tex Andersen

Tex Andersen

I am currently in my final semester of a Mechatronic Engineering Bachelor, minoring Robotics and Programming. I intend to change the world.
Full Stack Dev • Hardware Engineer
Brisbane, Australia
  • Robotics
  • Control
  • Embedded Systems
  • Mechatronics
  • Programming
  • Software Engineering

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Peter Kujala

I have worked with Tex on numerous university team-based projects in the areas of Modern Control, Software Systems Design and Advanced Robotics. He has consistently proven himself to be an integral contributor to the team's success. His broad engineering knowledge base and ability to quickly absorb and exercise new concepts, combined with his commitment to seeing tasks through to completion is reflected in the strong results achieved by the teams that he has worked with.

I have found Tex to be personable and friendly, while also conducting himself in a responsible and professional manner. He is consistently there to help others where he can and he is not afraid to ask questions. It has always been a pleasure to work along side of Tex and I do not hesitate in recommending him for any professional endeavor that he seeks.

Louise Farrell

I started my bachelor of engineering with Tex three and a half years ago now, and since, have been fortunate enough to participate in a number of group projects with him over the years. Tex brings a wealth of knowledge, motivation, charisma and leadership to every team he participates in. I have been able to see his understanding of mechatronics and software engineering grow and his passion for learning thrive. He is the first to help when someone is struggling and can effortlessly explain difficult concepts to help his peers through their coursework. He takes every opportunity to learn something new and do his best at it, I honestly couldn't pick a more deserving young engineer from our cohort to have this experience.

Rohan Davidson

I've known Tex for years. If anybody can eke the very last drop of value out of this opportunity, it is Tex. He is a highly motivated individual with the ability to chase down a goal to the very end. Tex has incredibly high hopes for his future, and of the many talented young people I've known, he is the most likely to succeed. Not only would this opportunity change his life, he is the kind of person who would change the lives of all those around him. I cannot speak to his technical abilities (due to my own lack of knowledge), although by all accounts they are impressive. However, I can speak to his vision. Tex sees enormous changes on the horizon for both small businesses and humanity as a whole, and I genuinely believe that he will be a strong factor in bringing those changes to fruition. Raised in a small country town in a very modest environment, Tex has made himself who he is today. I cannot think of a single person more deserving of this opportunity of a lifetime.