Tiffanie Pedro

Tiffanie Pedro

Paris, France
Gofer SAS

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Alexandre Bourlier Business extension manager at AI Engineers - Intelligence Engineering recommended Gofer SAS where Tiffanie is Employee

Seems to a be the right way to lower the rate of undeclared work in some areas. Repression and controls are a palliative, a more efficient way is a solution.

Duc HA DUONG recommended Gofer SAS where Tiffanie is Employee

An idea whose time has come. Go go Gofer !

Brice Amram Co-founder (product) at Ouilov recommended Gofer SAS where Tiffanie is Employee

As a former marketing director and an entrepreneur myself, I do recognize we often need short-term work. But because of the admin involved, you give up on seeking for professionals and instead end up doing with internal ressources, who don't necessarily have the time or required skills. I do think services like Gofer represent the near term future of the way we do business. The way they approach the issue (problem centric, mobile) is surely the right one. Gofer makes me think of services like Birdly or the famous ZenPayroll. Go guys !

Cynthia Lindsay recommended Gofer SAS where Tiffanie is Employee

Gofer SAS' vision is to offer a terrific way for entrepreneurs to focus on their business needs and to minimize risks related to employment issues. But not only...Gofer provides a great tool for talents to manage their engagements towards multiple employers.
Everyday new articles depict a society where the traditional relationship between an employer and a employee fades away, Gofer SAS'product enables this change.
The Founders have definitely the skillset and mindset to succeed.
I am glad to be supporting them.