Titta Kote

Titta Kote

Creator of The Happy Ambassador Ltd. Story Experience for many senses.
Marketing • General Business
Raahe, Finland
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The Happy Ambassador Ltd

Creator, owner and CEO in The Happy Ambassador Ltd @The Happy Ambassador Ltd • Co-Founder

Happiness, joy and big dreams

Amazing things Titta's made
I have created a fairy tale character for children to bring happiness, joy and courage to dream big. The Happy Ambassador is a lady bug boy, who grows together with listeners to a small boy with wings. The Happy Ambassador Ltd contents "world of Happy Ambassador". Innovative product is sporty & musical fairy adventure which base on Happy Ambassador's -stories, -music and -sporty choreography.

Tony Parthasarathy

Titta is an energetic entrepreneur who has all the qualities that make a true entrepreneur - viz enrgy, drive, motivation, people and business skills, initiative and the will to succeed. I would strongly recommend her case and I know given the opportunity she will make a great success of it.