Toby Green

Toby Green

London, UK
PlanSnap - plan with friends

CTO @PlanSnap - plan with friends • Employee

PlanSnap is the fastest way to get friends together


Paul Maunders recommended PlanSnap - plan with friends where Toby is Employee

Last night I tried to book a meal out with some friends. It required:

2 facebook messenger chats
1 whats app group with 6 participants
2 potential venues
5 potential dates/times
1 phone call to a venue, and 1 OpenTable availability check
... and 31 whatsapp messages

It took nearly 3 hours, and that was before I had even contacted any babysitters.

I need PlanSnap!

Brendan McLoughlin recommended PlanSnap - plan with friends where Toby is Employee

Louise is undoubtedly impressive - she thinks on her feet, is passionate and uniquely experienced.

I love her business idea mainly for solving a real social issue - frictionless planning with friends - in a revolutionary way. Most investment opportunities I see fall at this key test! The fact that she’s also got her head screwed on with technical integrations, UX and insightful thinking about how to create network effects for fast growth all speaks to her extraordinary tech-marketing and start-up background and does make PlanSnap stand out.

A persuasive nature and high energy as well as an ability to convince engineers, customers, investors and contractors to back her vision while still understanding the importance of getting the details right all confirmed to me an exciting take no prisoners attitude towards entrepreneurship.

It’s savvy grit that means she’s already got money coming in before product launch and I can’t wait to see the business really grow from here.

Jack Daniel recommended PlanSnap - plan with friends where Toby is Employee

I'm excited to be PlanSnap's first customer. We immediately saw the unique potential to drive our audience beyond advertising into making plans that we can measure and get data from. We're a small team with finite capacity so I wanted to work with a startup, but we had to buy into the person and the product to guarantee results.

In my last role as global new business director of MediaCom I saw first hand the huge trend of brands looking to offer their consumers utility, but few succeed. 90% of brand apps are deleted after single use, so more brands are looking for apps like PlanSnap to give them a way to be truly meaningful in consumers' lives. I expect to see forward thinking brands queueing up to use PlanSnap.

PlanSnap's genuis is that it plays across sectors. From retail to entertainment and from travel to dating I can see brands buying into it to hyper target the right audience. The global potential of PlanSnap is huge, and with Louise's execution skills, I know she'll crack it.

David Cunningham recommended PlanSnap - plan with friends where Toby is Employee

Louise worked with me for two years designing and launching an effective campaign to drive renaissance of beer in UK. She led brilliantly the digital product and communications, from strategic development through to execution of an ambitious, unique and engaging programme. This included innovative digital and social tools - #BeerMatch, #BeerClub and Beer Explorer, as well as a step change in website, social content and CRM. She identified the need to upgrade our agencies to deliver success and single-handedly led the pitch and selection process for digital and social agencies. She played a fundamental role in driving consumer reappraisal, engagement and education and the overall campaign success. Louise is an impressive blend of a strategic thinker, highly creative and innovative with entrepreneurial flair and drive. I have no hesitation in recommending her and am certain PlanSnap will be a resounding success with her at the helm.