Tom Rolander

Tom Rolander

Serial entrepreneur and Emergent Farming co-founder
Full Stack Dev
Pacific Grove, US
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  • Software Engineering
Emergent Farming

Partner @Emergent Farming • Co-Founder

Develop and operate large scale organic vertical farms in Salinas Valley

Amazing things Tom's made
Tom Rolander is the former CIO / Software Architect for over 3 years at Ecopia Farms in Campbell, CA. As a co-founder of several previous successful startups, Rolander has been in key management and engineering leadership roles. At Digital Research he was VP of Operating Systems, where he designed the multi-tasking (MP/M) and network (CP/NET) operating systems and was acquired by Novell. At KnowledgeSet he was VP of Engineering, where he led the development of the first encyclopedia (Grolier) on CD-ROM and was acquired by Banta. At PGSoft he was founding CEO and VP of Engineering, where he led the development of the iFolder and was acquired by Novell. At CrossLoop he was the founding CEO and CTO as the lead developer of the CrossLoop screen sharing products and was acquired by AVG.

Rolander's awards include the 2013 Diamond Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence from the College of Engineering at the UW in Seattle and a US Patent "Server for Synchronization of Files" in 2006.